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Future Trends Of Music
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Anyone intrigued to foresee the future of music comes across various facets and factors, one of the key factors that can influence music trends are the musicians who create music. The music in future will likely be significantly different than the music we are currently used to. Artists reveal future trends in this industry, because their personal tastes and preferences are often the major cause of most trends that occur within this industry. Consumers within this industry also depict trends as well though. Pakistani music with latest trends in the 21st century invigorated itself to become admired sound throughout the region and world.

Through reviewing the personal likes and dislikes of artists as they create their music and the delicate preferences of consumers as they access their music, we can broaden a comparatively clear picture of what the prospect of the industry has in store for the world. The only way we can in particular predict the future of this industry is by combining consideration of both consumers and artists. By reviewing the preferences of both patrons and artists, we can gain a clear picture of how these two significant variables will affect future trends.

Musicians of today are focusing on technologically advanced musical tools to generate their art and the public is currently focusing on more technologically advanced tools to access their music.

Through simply reviewing the trends that musicians are focusing on, we can easily enlighten that the future of music will be more technologically advanced than its current state. Since artists are depending on technologically advanced music styles more and more every year, we can definitely expect to witness new sounds and new beats to arise in future.

Consumers continue to stay away from purchasing albums in stores too. Since consumers are continuing to avoid purchasing albums in stores, and they continue to rely on technologically advanced resources in order to access their music, we can count on the advances in Music play back Devices to play an important role in this industry in the future as well.

So, on the whole trends in music will likely be based primarily around technological advances. As technology continues to expand the horizons of the music industry, musicians will not only have access to more sounds and new trends, but they will also be able to dispense their music to their fans in a variety of new ways in the future as well. As consumers continue to access their music in a variety of different ways, and artists continue to gain access to new tools that help them create more weighty and interesting art, we will likely see many trends based around the personal preferences of artists and consumers as well as technological advances.

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Pop musicians are not going to shape the industry with their historical influences or personal tastes. With the exception of rock bands, pop musicians are largely figure heads of well-oiled publicity and management machines. They are directed in everything - press releases, interviews, public appearances, clothing styles - not to mention tutoring on their singing style, a team of writers, an army of marketeers and a highly political management team. Even the Madonnas of this world, who represent a matured, influential and powerful image, are backed by various advisors, managers and stylists. Read the back of each album cover and you will find a new producer carefully and meticulously selected to provide a precise sound that advisors are 90% sure will be shaping the sound of the pop charts tomorrow. So who are these producers of tomorrow? Well, they are not made overnight and their sound will be slowly rising from various scenes less popular. Advisory teams, music industry experts and scouts for big labels work the 'underground' (which isn't really underground to many people) and track when certain styles are growing in popularity. They will recognise music that is growing close to 'cross over', as in it is ready to be given a bit of pop treatment and slowly integrated into the mainstream - which includes the careful timing of MTV releases in specialist shows (for example) before edging along the road to prime time radio airplay. A sound that was alien 12 months ago is suddenly quite familiar. The industry will respond by taking their artist in the same direction, a different direction or by doing nothing. Believe me, there are more people analysing where money can be made in the next big thing than there are making music. Only strong artists can afford to do nothing or upgrade their sound late in the trend. Coming back to Madonna, a Beyonce or a Kylie, you can see the reaction is quite quick in changing styles. Look at a Britney and you will see her team are more cautious about a big change - they worry about upsetting an existing fan-base. Look at a Celine Dion and you can see her team are confident she is/was big enough to leave her where she is/was. Every management team will be carefully monitoring when one 'sound' or trend is dropping off in sales - whether people are tired of it or whether too many people are doing it. They are all looking for the next big thing. They are all watching each other and looking to move quickly when someone changes the scene. So, we return to the same question, who are these producers that can offer a new sound? We are left with a couple of possibilities when it comes to their involvement...a management team actively finds a producer based upon industry intelligence and carefully engineers a full campaign for their artist to match the sound. Or an artist/producer will rise up through a lesser know genre and existing artists will seek to collaborate or sign them up to their team. Of course, this doesn't rule out existing producers copying up and coming styles or the artist being chucked out on to the heap and being replaced by a business rich enough to recruit the newbies =) Dog eat dog industry. Producers are everything and nothing in the business. They can make or break the sound but their sound never hits big time without the corporate money making it happen. Let's just look at Madonna again: Producers chronologically per album - Jellybean Benitez, Nile Rodgers, Patrick Leonard, Prince (yes Prince), Shep Pettibone, Babyface et al, William Orbit, Mirwais Ahmadzai et al, Stuart Price, Timbaland et al. You may not know all these producers, but they have kept the Queen of Pop at the top for all these years. Google/wikipedia any of them and you will start to understand where the marriage of Madonnas publicity power and their music talent combines to create the trends of tomorrow!

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