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How To Record Your Band
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How to Record Your Band

You know how you and your good friends together and play your instruments regularly in the garage and disrupt the entire neighborhood. But you come up with some really good ideas and want to know how to record your band, but you don't know where to start.

First things first

When you practice you have to practice with a metronome to get your timing correct. This is particularly important for the drummer and the bass player because they are the foundation or rhythm section of the band.

If you cannot keep a steady rhythm you will sound really bad and who wants to hear a terrible band play. Once you get practicing to a metrodome down you are ready to record your song.

Digital Audio Workstation

The digital audio workstation (DAW) will be the converter between your instruments analog signals played through a microphone, a sound card, and the computer software that will actually record the sounds digitally.

The programs are available at any music store and some are very user friendly these days.

Next you will need to place a microphone on each piece of the drums. Mounts are available in kits at most music stores.


You can use the versatile Sure- M-57 for the drum microphones, the electric guitar amp and a condenser mic for the vocals. The bass usually plugs directly into the DAW sound card. The mics will be assigned their own separate tracks within the DAW.

Set the levels within the DAW at or below the zero db marker for each track. Do not allow the input signals to “clip” or reach the upper red level of the track meters on each track, for this will cause unwanted noise and distortion of input signal.


Once you have determined you have a input signal and they are not too “hot” or clipping, you can begin your recording. Hit the record button on the DAW and begin playing. Don't worry about making mistakes because all you have to do is stop delete and start again, or you can set the software up to continually record your takes.

Also included within most brands of DAWS are editing capabilities. Where you can quantize or move mistakes to the nearest measurement of time, depending on the setting you choose.1/8, 1/16, or 1/32 for example. This is a very handy tool for editing in that small mistakes can be edited quickly without retakes.

Make a CD

The great thing is after you get everything sounding great, you can burn an audio cd with most DAW’s in no time. So now you know how to record your band and burn a cd for a demo. Good luck and see you at the grammy’s.

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