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Lenon: The Future Of Vegas Hiphop
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Lenon: The Future Of Vegas Hiphop

I been listening to hip hop since I was knee high to a fly and I usually have a pretty good ear about new talent that deserves to be heard. So from time to time I am going to write a article about local artists or groups who in my opinion deserve your attention. If you are looking for a up tempo yet still lyrically depth hip hop artist then look no further.....Lenon is here to please. Most hip hop now days has the same feel to it, a whole lot of punch lines and flashy lyrics that do not give you any insight to the rapper.

Weekend in Vegas and Welcome are two equally enjoyable C.D.'s , but to be honest I believe that Welcome was a bit more lyrical than Weekend in Vegas. The diversity in Welcome was very refreshing to hear especially coming from this artist, it shows that as an artist he has a lot to say,but is not so far into his message that he can not please. A song worth listening to is The Growing Pains it has a very soulful, jazzy beat which is a great intro into Welcome he explains his "Growing pains in the game".

I would rather live with a good question than a bad answer ~Lenon

Though I am a lover of witty rhymes and soulful beats, I must respect that rappers need to be versatile in their rhymes so if your looking for a more hardcore song check out,"Tats on my Arm ft Oreez".

This is my hour, Jackie Chan could not rush mine ~Lenon

Tats on my arm is a cool swag song in which Lenon boasts his greatness on a catchy beat, that is sure to please. Surprisingly Oreez and Lenon compliment each other perfectly, this rap duo could be equated to a comic book kids fantasy of Superman and Batman coming together.

Though I could go on and on about both Welcome and Weekend in Vegas, the best way to understand a portrait is to get to know the artist. I was very fortunate to meet this cat at a young age and I can tell you that this young man puts his heart and soul into his work, long days and short nights yet he still gets his work done.

He is a Las Vegas native so his perceptive on hip hop reflects the flashiness of the city along with the soulful underground that usually goes unseen in the bright lights of it. If your looking for Good solid hip hop with a edgy twist then Lenon is the perfect M.C. for you especially if your new to hip hop.

Until then ~P. String ~

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  about 9 years ago
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