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Music And Art
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The word Artist is used interchangeably between Visual Artists, Singers, and Musicians for good reason.

Music plays a major role in all of our lives, whether we seem to notice it or not. Everybody loves music. Since ancient times human beings have used music to entertain, pass down tradition, customs or special occasions, and for worship.

Music can soothe us, excite us, encourage us to do something, create all sorts of different moods, and evoke all kinds of emotions from us. Music can also help us achieve different levels of spirituality, different states of mind, and stimulate the imagination.

Melting Pot

On the surface it seems that we're all different, and maybe alien to each other. Not true. Science has proven that we're all distantly related. In essence, we are all different in many ways yet it is important for us all to also be aware of our likenesses as well. Different, yet one in the same.

Every since I was born I always saw every person as a human being. I didn't think, "oh this person is Hispanic, or Caucasian," they're suppose to be a certain way. Somehow as we grow up our culture and society can instill in us negative views towards people who are different from us. Thankfully, my parents didn't instill in me any foolish stereotypes, nor did I ever let anyone influence me in such a way. Growing up in a rural town, you tend to experience a lot of discrimination. There is very little diversity and people are quite naive about how other people from different cultures live. It can be considered a fact of life, that people will always be imperfect, we just have to continuously educate ourselves.

As I was growing up, television became my window to the world! I was able to travel the globe, meet new people, and be exposed to their culture. This left me with great curiosity.

During my teen years, as I was first introduced to anime, I slowly began a transformation from being your average person to becoming a much more well-round individual. It was when I got to college that I first encountered people from every part of the world. It was a great experience! Now that I live in a big city, I'm surrounded by people from all over the world, better yet I can go out to eat their food, and even experience their culture too!

I can also add that while in college I was able to sample music from all my friends from different nations, and I must say that music shows just how universal we are! Everybody has instrumental or classical style music, love ballads, regional music, religious, hip-hop, pop like music, genres of their own, and maybe some much like our own. It always amazes me when I hear how music such as jazz inspires someone in Japan or Europe to create a certain genre or style of their own. There's something special about music!

Along with food, entertainment, merchandise, and I like to add art, music is among this group of things that can break through cultural barriers. It's a small step that crescendos into something big. As people overcome the illusion of ethnicity, they can learn from one another to obtain a new understanding of the value of our very own existence.


There are times when I can listen to a song, and I am so overwhelmed by it that it takes me away. The mood is as if I'm being hypnotized or put into a trance where I can go into this blissful, creative zone where I can make no wrong stroke in my art work.

In spiritual situations; the music, especially instrumental music, makes me feel as if I can go to a higher quality of being.

Music can instill in us values of our culture, convey our pride, identity, and bring forth our concerns.

Even if we don't play an instrument, today we can make music with software on computers for our own pleasure.

I grew up on a lot of Soul music, jazz, hip-hop, and when I played in the band; classical music. As I grew into an adult I explored Rock'n'Roll, Pop, everything else that I had not been exposed too, and Foreign music. I must say that my upbringing with Soul music, since the vast majority of it involves Love ballads, taught me lots of things about Love that have allowed me to come to my own understanding in how I see that.

Then there's instrumental music which I love the most! Be mindful of the difference in music with lyrics and music played by itself. Whenever there's someone singing there can be harmony, dissonance, or you may be one to separate the two. When you listen to pure music it can convey and evoke a certain mood from you. It can create an atmosphere. All the while, you also may be the one to shape the presence because your mood dominates the setting. It can take something pleasant and transform that into sadness.

Music and Art

Music can enhance Art. It sets the mood of the visuals, which could create various experiences for the people whom hear the music. In Graphic Design, and the many different areas under this broad umbrella, there's little talk of music professionally. It does come into play if you're putting together an ad campaign involving commercials, Broadcast Design, Web Design, or designing Brand Identity for a business where you're also helping them setup the interior or environment to a small extent. In general Graphic Designers, and especially Web Designers may get to dabble a bit with music if the client allows.

Music plays a huge role in the world of Animation! This is a welcomed side effect for me as I do Animation! I have always had an enduring love for music. I used to play baritone in my high school band and that taught me to have a new appreciation for all kinds of music. The music I grew up listening too, and now all the different music from around the world serves to awaken a new creative spirit in me.

In the world of film, animation, motion graphics, and anything else with moving visuals music is vital! We were taught that once you get the Animation right then you must choose your music wisely. Music will either make or break the piece. It helps enormously when you need to set the mood and atmosphere for a horror film, for those climatic moments, and so forth.

Music unleashes something within us that all living human beings share. We all respond to music in how ever it approaches us. It has a hidden potential to do things on a scale unimaginable to most of us. It can communicate with us both verbally and nonverbally. It not only charms us, but animals too. Explore music, create it if you can, and you will reap the benefits. Music can bring us all together.

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