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My New Favorite Band: INverso
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There’s a buzz going around in the south about a band called INverso. They recently released their self-titled second album, which is receiving rave reviews from some of the industries top e-zines. With their cult following of underground scenesters and explosive live shows, they may be turning into the next big pop-rock icons.

The band is lead by singer/writer Bradley Schultz who’s dark lyrics and Elliott Smith style vocals sit nicely with the bands synth heavy bass lines and trip hop style beats. Their sound is melodic, inventive, somewhat unpredictable, and gives rise to the term “dark synth pop” as a genre. Their live show consists of Bradley Schultz singing, playing synthesizers & classical guitar. Lavon Calhoun bows an upright bass. Adam Evans on piano and things that make weird noises. Justin Combs on drums, percussion & samplers. The bands next show is scheduled for March 6th at Zydeco in Birmingham, Al. The new self titled album has 10 tracks with B sides and cover songs available for free at their Bandcamp site. Track 6 is called "Cee Mee" and features Birmingham, Al's rap artist Drizzy Dro a.k.a Mr. Press Play. Drizzy answers the Press Play Hotline (205-617-9166), where callers will ask him to "Press Play" on a topic and he freestyle raps on that topic for about 30 seconds before hanging up. The Press Play Hotline has been active for 5 years and has received calls from all over the world. INverso was asked about their relationship with Drizzy Dro during a podcast with They were quoted as saying "We have worked with Drizzy on 2 new tracks for the next album already, and will definitely have him on tour with us." Go to to grab their latest release. Bands similar to INverso are: Radiohead, Gorillaz, Portishead, Cage the Elephant, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott Smith, Sean Lennon.

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