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Robert Pattinson Pursues Music Career – Is The First Album Really On The Way?
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Robert Pattinson Pursues Music Career – Is the First Album Really on the Way?

Famous actor, mostly known for his role of Edward in the Twilight saga, was rumored to be making his first music album. It was stated by some US Weekly sources that Robert Pattinson could really release an album, where he would play guitar and sing his original songs.  It was also stated that he has been playing and working on some of his songs for quite some time, but he was always tied up due to his busy schedule, and because of that he couldn’t pursue a music career. Now he finally has some time (a few weeks, before starting to promote again his new movie - Breaking Dawn) to work on his possible album.

This shouldn’t be a surprise really, most of Pattinsons fans know well about his musical talent. He started with piano lessons at the age of 3, and classical guitar at the age of 5. Because of this early start, he has developed an excellent musicianship.

Not only does he play the guitar, piano and horns, he also sings. He appeared as a singer on two songs from the Twilight soundtrack - “Never Think” (which he co-wrote with Sam Bradley) and “Let Me Sign”. Robert Pattinson also performed three original songs for the soundtrack of the movie How To Be.

Pattinson often had music jam sessions with his colleagues at the hotel while shooting the scenes for the Twilight movie in Vancouver. One of his co-stars from the movie, Jackson Rathbone said that Rob likes to play the blues, is really good on guitar, and that they enjoyed jamming together, and that he’s also a very humble and quiet guy.

When he was asked about a professional music career he said that the music is his backup plan if acting fails. Somehow I doubt that will happen, but anyway…

According to US Weekly sources again, Pattinsons album would not be of the pop genre. It would be rather guitar based, with drums and bluesy sounds.

Some of Pattinsons representatives later denied this claim by saying that he is not working on an album right now.

Well, whether he’s working on a guitar album right now or not, chances are pretty big that we will hear it one day. Music is his first love, there’s no denying to that, and the sources also said that he is tortured because he avoids it.

It is a known fact that once you learn to play guitar, it becomes a passion, and it stays forever with you. I can honestly confirm that. Playing guitar (or any other instrument) is the way to release, but at the same time control your emotions. It becomes a part of you, and you wish to share it with others, because music is all about sharing. And anyone can learn to play the guitar, trust me. ;)

That’s why I’m pretty sure that we will see Robert Pattinson releasing an album, sooner or later. :)

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