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What Makes Famous Concert Tours Great?
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What Makes Famous Concert Tours Great?

It's hard to say what magic comes together to make a great show come alive. But, famous concert tours are popular for many reasons. Part of it may be the venue your attending. It's heritage, location, seating, acoustics, or the way you can see and hear the event comfortably - might play a big part.

Sometimes it might be the repetition of seeing a band many times. Fans will travel and follow groups on tour, like the Grateful Dead (Deadheads). Another reason may be a lot of big names under the one roof , like Woodstock. Whatever famous concert tours you've experienced, there was probably something extraordinary about them that you will never forget.

What Made the Fillmore East and West So Cool?

Bill Graham's Fillmore Auditorium has become an icon of the 1960s counterculture experience. You're on hallowed ground in venue like this. You may be caught up in the vibe of the place and its history. So, if the sound is a little off or your seat is not as good as you would like, the sacrifice is okay. Graham's success would come from his grand passion for music and the many (now) famous concert tours that came through his venues.

Maple Leaf Gardens - Toronto's First Big Rock Arena

Looking back at the history of events or major rock concerts in Toronto Canada, you will find most of them played the historic ice hockey arena Maple Leaf Gardens. Starting with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis on October 28, 1952 and ending with the Dave Matthews Band November 17, 1998.

The arena was built for The Leafs ice hockey team (of course) but during the 1960s 1970s and 1980s it was booked with big name rock groups pretty solid. (especially in the 1970s). Now, unless you live in Toronto Canada, going to a concert at The Gardens could be a very memorable thing. You have the historical value of the venue here, as well. Maple Leaf Gardens brought The Beatles back three times in row. (1964,' 65,' 66). I believe that could be a record. Elvis Presley was also there in 1957.

Five Time Honored LA Venues

First we will pay tribute to the Gibson Amphitheater which is closing this September. Host to some of the biggest names in jazz, pop and country like Sinatra, Bob Marley and Keith Urban. Also many presidents and the Pope had made speeches here. Now on to the five survivors.

The Wiltern Theater - this was originally a vaudeville theater in 1931. During the mid-century it escaped demolition but finally Wayne Ratkovich and Brenda Levin bought it and restored it to its original state. Live Nation (entertainment network) runs it now, booking a variety of big-name artists in all types of genres.

Hollywood Bowl - opened in 1922 and is still the one of the largest natural amphitheaters in the world. Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole and the Beatles are only a few of the superstars that have performed here. It is legendary.

The Roxy Theater - this is located on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. Known for showcasing famous and soon-to-be famous stars. Also, with the notorious bar that superstars like John Lennon, Alice Cooper and John Belushi would hang out.

The Greek Theater–this opened in 1929 and has the appearance of a old Greek Temple. Elton John, Santana and Neil Diamond's famous concert tours came through these doors with more recent acts like Adele and The White Stripes

The El Rey Theatre–opened in 1936 as a movie theater. It became a dance club and 80s but, these days usually caters to more alternative types of music. Although Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan and a host of others have played there before.

What makes a concert memorable to you? We've explored many venues and environments that might suit your style. So, enrich yourself with a new experience today and go to a concert.

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