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Yamaha Arius Ydp - V240 Digital Piano | A Review
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Yamaha Arius Ydp  -  v240 Digital Piano | A Review

The Yamaha Arius YDP-V240 Digital Piano has the latest in digital technology, making it the ideal choice for the studio, professional musician, and even the beginning piano student. This keyboard is a delight to play I am very happy to present the following review.

Here are some of the outstanding features of this Yamaha 88 key digital piano:

  • 131 voices (including brass, strings, and organs) plus 361 XGlite voices (a subset of XG, XGlite is an extension to the general MIDI standard)
  • 12 percussion kits
  • 88 key Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action keyboard
  • 3 level Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Dynamic stereo sampling
  • 64 note polyphony
  • Recording available for up to 6 tracks (1 chord and 5 melodies)
  • 1895 KB internal memory
  • USB connections underneath the piano for data storage or connection to a computer
  • Touch sensitivity and personalization
  • 238 types of DSP effects
  • 4.6” LCD display
  • Easy Song Arranger (lets you change the style of any song)
  • P.A.T. (Performance Assistance Technology)
  • Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.)
  • Auto Accompaniment
  • Reverb
  • Music database plus external files
  • Dual layers (You can play 2 distinctive sounds for each note and hear both instruments.) ™Split layers, (You can hear one sound from your right hand and another from the left.)
  • Dual headphone jacks (allowing for silent practice sessions anytime of the day or night)
  • Metronome
  • 3 pedals
  • Two 20 W stereo speakers
  • CD Rom
  • 160 styles
  • 30 preset songs
  • Sliding key cover

Let’s elaborate on some of the features of this Yamaha 88 key keyboard:


AWM produces realistic acoustic sound by using recorded samples of acoustic instruments. The samplings are recorded at all volumes and ranges capturing active distinctions of playing strengths from pianissimo (soft) to fortissimo (loud).

Touch sensitivity

The Graded Hammer Standard keyboard creates sensitivity similar to that of an acoustic piano (heavier touch on the lower notes and lighter on the higher ones). You can also adjust the sensitivity to match your personalized playing style or finger strength (soft, medium or hard). This can be helpful for children, those who have a heavy hand, or people who are unable to press the keys very hard because of arthritis.


The DSP (a specialized microprocessor) feature makes the Yamaha Arius YDP V240 perfect for recording and studio use. There are 238 different types of DSP effects that can be added to the Main and Dual voices. You can alter the melody, voice, and rhythm to enhance or transform any song into a totally different playing experience.

Easy Song Arranger

Each song has a default style, but the Easy Song Arranger recreates the style of a song. For example, you can play a ballad as jazz or a blues song as rock. You can also change the song’s keyboard voice. There are 160 different styles on-board the Yamaha YDP-V240 digital piano along with 30 preset songs.


This technology allows you to take a break from learning once in a while. Using this feature, you can play along with a song and as long as you keep tempo with the music you’ll play perfectly every time. Even if you make a mistake, no one will hear it.


Y.E.S. allows you to teach yourself how to play the Yamaha v240 with a built-in set of advanced learning tools. You can practice in isolation (using your right or left hand) or with both hands.

Auto Accompaniment

By playing chords with your left hand, you can generate automatic accompaniment playback. This feature allows you to recreate the sound of an orchestra or full band even when you are playing alone.

Music Database plus External Files

There are 300 songs in the Music Database of the Yamaha Arius YDPV240. You can play a song in your favorite genre just by selecting the desired title from the Music Database. The panel settings will automatically adjust to choose the best mix of voice and style. You can also download external music files into the database via a USB flash memory device or computer.


There are two USB features. The USB TO DEVICE enables connection to a memory device such as a flash or hard drive so you can save or load songs created on the keyboard. The USB TO HOST feature allows connection to computer software.

Here are the Specifications:

Weight: 146.8 lbs

Dimensions: 57.8 x 24 x 20.5 inches


  • The Arius YDP V240 is packed with the latest in digital piano technology, making it ideal for the beginner and experienced player.
  • Because of its’ samples versatility, it’s great for studio use.
  • The keys cover extends out to cover the keys and digital controls giving the Yamaha Arius YDP-V240 a really beautiful look when it’s closed.


  • One review read that the key action is quiet when the keys hit bottom but noisy when the keys return to resting position.
  • Another said that it may take 2 people to set it up because of the weight (approx. 150 lbs).

The Yamaha YDP V240 really rocks. The instructional technology makes it a great choice for the beginning piano player. The wide range of voices, genres, and samplings make it a fun instrument to play and ideal for the professional musician. Remember that if you’re in the market for a digital piano, asking for a warranty and checking on your merchant’s return policy is an important part of your research. And as always, have fun and get your groove on.

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