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Here is another book I bought in haste. Lately it seems I am not sorry for any of the books I am buying in a rush.Could it be I am getting more open-minded?

This is a goofy story with weird town characters that just can keep it moving. Fog Over Finny's Nose is based in California. The story starts with a toe and throughout, people are looking for the body that belongs to it. Be it a limping foot or some body lying around somewhere. If the toe isn't enough, there's a cult sneaking in. Then let's not forget one of the main characters, Ruth. This is one of the reasons I enjoy reading. I am always learning something. Ruth is a Vermiculturist. She deals with worms. The lady gives them a bed, feeds them and just read the book to find all the neat or squirmish(depending how you look at it-kids would love it) things she goes through with them. That isn't enough for her, though. She is newly married and deals with the craziest birds that her dead husband left her. Now is that love or what?

And what is Finny's Nose anyway? It is a nose shaped hill. I like that. People didn't climb and chisel to form the nose. It was nature. Plain and simple.

The town has a festival to deal with, along with that toe, a hot air balloon and a diary from long, long ago. Ruth seems to get no rest, but her exhaustion makes the book a fun read. The book keeps the mind busy wondering who that single digit belongs to and I was fascinated with this new word I learned about worms. It's something I never thought of, I suppose. I see worms in the garden and if it rains too hard, I see them on the surface. I never thought that someone would actually take great care in harvesting worms. The birds keep the story moving with Ruth exercising them. Ruth apparently loses a young child in her care. Can anymore happen in this book and still be a fun thing to read?

Looking at the author's website, Dana Mentink has written several books to keep you smiling. You could spend a lot of time roaming her books. She is just having too much fun being a author.

This book, Fog Over Finny's Nose, is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.You will find it a delight to read.

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