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Who Invited The Dead Man? By Patricia Sprinkle
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Surprisingly, I found this book dust free, but it has teeth marks on it and a few pages on the bottom ended up in one of my dog's belly. We survive. They quit chewing on my books. Like kids, it was a temporary thing.

Patricia Sprinkle has written a wonderful book, funny with characters true-to-life in Who Invited The Dead Man? The main lady character is a judge. A job she got when her husband is shot and onto recovery with therapy. Besides being a judge, she's a go-between for folks with their own common problems with includes old age, super ego, a romance that should never have ended, so some people say, and helping her husband get his brain back to life so the rest of his body obeys it. She laughs, cries and hugs him when his temporary old self spurts forward.

A long ago resident has come back to town with his pesty parrot.The parrot is a cusser but throughout the book, those words are not repeated. Good going. Things get pretty chaotic since Hiram is a dirty man, as in not wanting to clean himself up that he smells and you want to be downwind of him. And his manner of aliens coming doesn't help matters. Hiram literally destroys the ex-judges's birthday party.

Find out if the Dead Man was ever invited. Find out who is who they say they are but aren't and why? The lady judge, MacLaren Yarbrough discovers a lot while she cares for the town, her husband and their dog that got shot along with him.

Of all people, Joe Riddley, judge to be yet again, appears to be the shooter, as well he is. But not at a human being. His therapist who likes to show up to work, red, yellow, purple, you name it any color(hair) is also a suspect. But more likey a suspect of love that may not be meant to be.

MacLaren Yarbrough gets her own self in a bit of trouble after agreeing to be neighborly and meeting a friend in a warehouse which is used to store a new store's merchandise. She is lucky she is Judge to most people and when she has to rescue herself and still needs help, she isn't fined for destroying property.

The author, Patricia Sprinkle, has a fascinating life herself as told on her website. She has written these humorously human mysteries along with non-fiction books. If this article has peaked your interest in this book, Who Invited the Dead Man? can be found on Amazon.

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