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Earthquake Kes India
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Earthquake Kes India

 Sunday september 18,2011 an earthquake shook India and Nepal about 6:18pm, I suppose any time day or night can frighten a human being, the terror of being awakened by the Earth moving up & down, side to side, & hoping it will stop soon. The very strong quake that rocked this region was gauged at a magnitude of 6.9 on the richter scale, with after shocks from 6.1 to 5.3. These natural events are nature at its worst, when all we can do is hope that we survive it anyway possible. The question I have is are we 100% sure that all earthquakes natural events simply because it's powerful, destructive, & out of our control? Do we know that the quakes aren't purposely triggered?

How do we know that all the earthquakes in the past  aren't mathematical timebombs formulated to cause some type of major cataclysm, with the sole purpose of cleansing the planet? I don't know, however what I & many others do know as a fact is this, earthquakes all over the world are have become more frequent, more powerful & soon the richter scale will need to be updated.

The initial report was that 16 people were killed, including 3 people from the surrounding area in where an embassy wall collapsed on them. The quake struck at 6:10 p.m., when the epi-center was in a remote part of the Himalayans.The government reported 5 more deaths in all, with dozens more injured. The Indian Army sent teams to the city to search for survivors, & the Airforce had sent rescue aircraft. The residents of some shaken buildings in New Delhi had fled to the street, thankfully little damage was reported there. What is clear is that when the earth moves under your feet there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about those few minutes or seconds of shaking.

The other thing I wanted to share with you is that I've never experienced any type of earthquake or other natural disaster nor have I experienced nuclear bomb, or U.F.O.'s, visitations from something totally strange I can personally say without changing the subject matter here. Dejavu is the most strange experience I personally have had.

When you actually know step by step what is going to happen as a scene unfolds or you have already walked through this snapshot in life is called dejavu. Since I can not go into details about that, why don't we call it like it is a spade is a spade. I only shared that with you because personally it tends to happen as I remember quite a few times.I suppose I could take out the time and create an article on dejavu.Well I have clearly shifted gears here, for the most part my purpose to speak on a subject of which I have not seen with my own eyes, being the earthquake in India. I may or may not have a right to speak of things I know nothing about, yet I have a human right to share my opinions.

 Now with the facts that the media gives (only what is pertinent), so I have to add some historical facts about the region where man natural disasters have occured. The major reason for the high intensity & frequency of the earthquakes in India is that India itself is driving into Asia at approximately 47mm/year. In addition, over 50% of the land is vulnerable to these quakes. The recently hit areas are in zone 5 which is the highest risk zone which usually suffers quakes of intensity.

 In this zone 5 is reffered to as the high damage risk zone. The state of Kashmir, Punzial, the Himalayas, Rann of Kutch, & New Delhi all of which are in this high damage zone. Unlike our cities & towns here in the U.S.A many of the affected tend to live in remote villages. Many of their homes are built with what they have at their disposal, that means poorly built structures & small shack homes. So some the people end up buried under their own homes, being so remote help may come too late or for some not at all.

 It is kind of sobering to think that the same home you built to house you & your family may end up becoming your tomb. Luckily the Indian soldiers were able to arrive to save many of the villagers after the 6.9 quake. At the current time there wer many after quakes & landslides where many people were killed. Since I am unable to keep up with the tragic death toll in India at the time of this article it has risen to more than 100 killed so far. It truely is terrible to see & feel what's happening a world away.

 Rescue efforts are hampered by the initial quake by blockage of the roads that lead to remote villages, where even I can here someone, somewhere yelling, screaming for some help. There they lay bound by boulders to large to move, pinned by trees & other debris, alone starving, cold & bleeding slowly to death. Soon their yells become yelps, then whispers, soon after they are silent,gone. All that can be heard now is the heavy rains that kept the helicopters from moving helping anybody, somebody, but help never came for some. A tragic life cycle yet a life cycle none the less. Some things have to die to make room for the new life cycle to be born. My heart & spirit goes out to all of them. May they rest in peace.

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