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Magic School Anyone?
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Magic School Anyone?

Having studied and practiced Wicca for over 20 years I have learned a few tricks along the way to improve my spell work that I would like to share with you. This article is the first of many I hope to write to aid the modern witch in his or her workings.

Spell writing in the modern world can be difficult considering most Wiccans spend much of their day away from home and hearth. Being a busy Wiccan myself I needed to come up with an easy method of gathering my information in front of me. I developed a spell worksheet that I am going to share with you today. This worksheet lays all the information you will need in front of you to make your spell writing easier and can cut the time it would usually take you in half. Take a piece of paper and write these seven headlines down Magical Intent, Element, Herbs, Stones, Scents, Color, and Other Items.

The first and foremost thing to consider is what intent does your spell need to have. What outcome do you as the caster wish for your magic? Once you are sure of what outcome you want then comes your basic research beginning with what element does the type of magic you are performing come from. Each element represents various types of magic. For example Earth is the element of grounding and centering spell-work while Water represents love and healing magic.

After your element is chosen you would continue on to find the herb or herbs that correspond to the kind of magic your planning. Most every plant has a magical connection, from the exotic to the basic herbs you probably already have in your kitchen. You can find much information about herbal magic online and there have also been many books published pertaining to the subject. A simple protection spell for example could contain several or just one of these household herbs Basil, Dill, Rosemary, or it could have something you found the woods such as Willow bark, Clover, and Pine. What you choose for your spell-work is up to you but all these or any one would work nicely.

I like to add a stone to my herbal mixture sometimes its simply salt but other times I have used solid stones that I let sit with my herbs allowing the natural energies within the stone to combine with the herbs. This is much easier than trying to fragment a stone into small enough chips to work with in a mix. You may want to try holding the stone as you do the write the incantation or wear it during your spell-work. The residual energy of the stone will be present in your spell casting with either method.

Scents are fun and playful you can use oils or incense depending on your preference and what you can find. Like herbs the scents used in magic can be found online or in printed books. You will find several corresponding to the magic you are performing. I like to use one in my casting of your magic circle and another in my actual spell. Combine your scent with your herbal mixture in one of two ways either use an oil or the ash of an incense stick. Color is not always needed for a spell, unless you are doing candle magic and even then its always fine to just use a white candle.

Lastly you may need some Other type of item such as a satchel to hold an herbal mixture or perhaps a symbol to engrave on a candle. Knowing what you need before hand makes for quick and easy spell-work. Once again the seven categories are Magical Intent, Element, Herbs, Stones, Scents, Color, and Other Items. Now that all your items are assembled and you have written your incantation you can begin by first taking a relaxing bath or shower to aid in releasing the events of the day letting all negative or distracting thoughts leave your mind and body. Be sure your incantation follows the Wiccan Rede and your on your way. Now your ready to cast your circle and begin your spell.

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