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Red Devil In Deep Blue Waters
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One of the mysterious creatures living in the Pacific Ocean is Humboldt Squid. It is probably more appropriate to say that these marine species “reside” in its waters at a depth of 700 meters along the coast line from California to Chile and lately became one of the alerting targets of fishermen. The limitedness and hard accessibility to the area of squids’ habitat obstruct the possibility of their research in details. However, there are some common facts introduced for publicity.

To start with, Humboldt squids received the name of “Red Devils”. Fishmen tell different stories about how these animals took people out of their boats and eventually ate humans. Very fast tentacles armed with stinging suckers hooked the flesh of a victim and dragged him to the waiting mouth. There sharp beak breaks and shreds food. Apparently, the giant squid eat everything that can catch, even if it is of its own species. To protect itself squid shoots ink cloud from the bag next to his head. This dark pigment is designed to hide and confuse enemies.

The cruel and aggressive behavior of these squids also might be facilitated by their large sizes.2 meters at length can astonish not only ordinary fishermen, but film directors, who are eager to put some real time images or videos of Humboldt Squid in their masterpieces. The mystery of this animal attracts an attention of lots of divers and sea investigators. Without any warning, groups of squids come up on the water surface and catch fish. Another characteristic feature of Humboldt squids is the ability to change color: they can be white, which is widely associated with necessity to distract predators or their so-called body language; in the state of aggression they turn into red, which approves their title of Red Devils.

Despite the fact that the area of their distribution is limited with Pacific Ocean solely, there are some facts about their observation in the waters of Mexican Gulf. Main theories introduced on this issue claim that their relocation is related to global warming. In particular, the representative of Humboldt Squid was caught at the depth of 500 meters. Its weight was nearly 50 kg and length was extremely out-of-ordinary – 6 meters! That was a true discovery for American scientists. In order to follow the migration routes of Humboldt squids biologists of Canada provided two dozen squids with micro beacons - cylinders equipped with a few centimeters long built-in transmitter signal. Hence, the investigation is on its way.

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