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An Online Survey Site Review - Paidviewpoint
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An Online Survey Site Review - Paidviewpoint

PaidViewPoint – How Does This Company Work?

PaidViewPoint is a market research company that gathers information from consumers like us by using our responses to surveys we take. These surveys help major companies critique their services, products, packaging, advertisements, social media sites, and websites to better serve consumers. It is important for these companies to get consumers opinions on these things and this is why they pay us for our opinions.

Why I Feel PaidViewPoint is Different

Have you ever spent five minutes or more to begin a survey only to be told you do not qualify for this survey? In my own opinion and what I’ve heard from others, this can become very frustrating because you now feel you’ve wasted valuable time when you could’ve maybe been doing something more productive. Well I’m happy to say, PaidViewPoint figured it out and therefore is very different from many of the other survey companies. The four principles PaidViewPoint is built on is great and they stand on those principles. The four principles are: 1) They pay cash for every completed market research survey, 2) Once you’ve been invited to take a survey, they never screen you out, 3) They’ve cracked the code that takes boring out of the survey answering experience, 4) Privacy – they never ask you to register your real name or complete physical address.

Standing By Their Four Principles

Yes, PaidViewPoint stands by their principles. Each time I’ve taken a survey with PaidViewPoint, I’m paid. Whenever I’m sent an email invite to take a survey, I have never been screened out. The surveys are not long and drawn out, they’re very easy to complete and are more like taking polls using multiple choice questions, very different from filling out survey forms. PaidViewPoint has figured the survey experience out; I love these principles because they make taking surveys so much easier. There are other great survey companies, which I have listed on my website, but PaidViewPoint is a really different, but great survey company.

What Do You Get Paid and How?

Each time you complete a survey, as one of the four principles says, “they pay cash for every completed market research survey” and they do just that. I have never taken a survey and didn’t get paid. The amount you can get paid for each survey varies. You can make between $0.10- $2.00. PaidViewPoint has a $15.00 threshold, so once you reach that threshold of $15.00, you go to the earnings page on the site and click on cashout now to submit your payment and PaidViewPoint will submit your payment into your PayPal account.

Another way you can make more with PaidViewPoint is to build your traitscore. The only way you will be able to do this is to be perfectly honest when answering surveys. PaidViewPoint has a way of mixing up the questions in a way that helps them ensure you’re being consistent with your answers. As they continue to find you’re being consistently honest with your answers, they will continue to raise your traitscore. As your traitscore rises, you will earn more money for each answer. Why not be honest so you're able to begin earning more money online.

The third way you can earn more money with PaidViewPoint is referrals. Invite family, friends, or anyone to PaidViewPoint and they pay you a $1.00 for each of your referrals. In order for you to be paid for your referral, your referral must register and fill out six biz surveys before you are paid for that referral; therefore, your referrals must be active. The great thing is, if you can reach and invite people, it’s a great way to build your income through PaidViewPoint, but again, hopefully you’re able to invite people like yourself, people that are interested in making money online.

Referrals are a great way to earn more money online. Most of the survey sites I work with are paid surveys with a referral program. Yes, referral programs are great for those working online because they really help you earn more income faster. I love working with companies willing to give you more ways to earn money.

Points to Remember

Point 1

When using my Internet Explorer browser. I would receive an invite to go to the site to take a survey and when I would get to the site, the survey wouldn’t come up. I then found out their site works better with Google Chrome. Since I started using my google Chrome browser, I never had any more issues.

Point 2

PaidViewPoint sends you an email when they have a survey ready for you. Oftentimes; in some cases, when they send an email invite, it can end up going into your spam folder, so be sure to check your spam folder often so you don’t miss a survey.

Point 3

Going back to the traitscore, please be mindful to stay honest with your answers. Again, this is how you build your traitscore, which also builds your chance to earn more money with PaidViewPoint.

There you have it, you make the decision, but I must say again, PaidViewPoint is an awesome way to earn money online, so if you're looking for ways to make money online, PaidViewPoint is an idea company. I wish you much success with your online work experience.

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