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Decisiveness And Diversity Lead To Online Success
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In the world of online businesses you have the "A" people and the "The" people. This may sound confusing, perplexing or just down right wrong but there is a reasoning behind this statement. Actually I think most of us are a bit of both which would explain why most of us live in a constant state of confusion, perplexed as to our position in the universe and constantly searching for the truth, any truth actually.

Now for the explanation. You see "A" denotes a choice, usually a multitude of such while "The" denotes a decision made. This can be thought of on so many levels but we will restrict it to how it may apply to our business acumen and customers.

"A" people can be thought of as those only seeing choices as in "a" dog here, "a" dog there or "a" dog will bite you if you are not careful. "A" people will consider choices until the cows come home because the more information you have the less risk you take when considering your choices. Unfortunately "A" people can sometimes miss grand opportunities due to all this consideration of choices. At some point they must make that decision and pick "the" dog as in our original example. Drowning in a multitude of choices reflects poorly on the decisive capabilities of anyone.

"The" people are decisive or those who decisively select the option and are willing to assume certain risks. Such as "the dog is here", "the dog is there" and "the dog behind you is fixing to bite your ankles". These people know how to make a decision and commit to that decision. As with the "A" person, "The" people have their own flavor of troubles. Not considering all options can lead to hasty decisions and poorly executed plans which can be as bad or worse than waiting too long to make a decision. Entering into a long term commitment is no time to be impetuous but perhaps making a choice immediately can help alleviate the unnecessary stress associated with the "A" type.

In most cases, most of us will find that the truly successful shift between these types. Sometimes we can make a snap judgment and accept the consequences. Other times we may never make a decision until it is a critical matter. It usually boils down to how much is the cost, whether it be in time or cold hard cash. The truly decisive will have risked much but the smart approach would be to consider your choices but don't over analyze those options. Consider the risks and make a decision. Once the decision is made commit to the choice and see it to the bitter end.

For example, the most fundamental decision anyone planning to engage in online marketing is the design of the website. You can spend an enourmous amount of time lamenting every aspect or you can turn the matter over to a professional, if your finances allow for this option. Does the shade of blue really matter as far as sales go? No, but the layout of the site and the navigation of the site far outweigh any aesthetics you may be considering.

Better to be both decisive and open to diversity than to swear allegiance to either approach absolutely. Just be resolute in your choices and never let anyone force your hand or exert undue influence over your course of action.

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