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Guru's And False Hopes
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I have always dreamed of working from home. I began by searching the web in hopes I would find something I could do to make extra money to start and eventually make a full time income. After a year of of spending money on get rich schemes and promised by the click of a button I would have steams of income I have realized that the only way to make money is to give people what they want.

After spending hundreds, maybe thousands on trying to start an on-line business, I have learned to believe in myself and self educate as I begin my dreams.

Beware of the get rich schemes. There are many ways that these guru's will lure you in. Knowing that you are desperate financially or hate what you do is what they pray on.

The many ways they market their business has cost me every penny I had. Each one had their convincing story about how poor they were or that they were homeless and it is all BS.

Things you should look for and stay away from is when they have your attention they will show you snap shots of how much money they have made with their click bank accounts. Most of them are BS too.

One thing I noticed with many of them is the dates on their snap shots or their click bank accounts is more than two years old.

What this means is someone probably did make money at first but with the internet marketing always changing and someone else comes up with a better way to market only means one thing. These guru's have sold out dated products but have convinced the newbie they will make thousands of dollars reselling what ever crap they convinced you to buy. This is how they make their money and mislead you.

First of all they will convince you that anyone can do this without any computer knowledge. NOT TRUE!

When you buy there program you will be absolutely confused. The information you get you won't understand. You will become very frustrated because you do need to know all the technical things to get your business going. This is what they want. They got the thirty seven dollars or whatever from you knowing that you wouldn't understand any of it and that' what they want.

I mean think about it. Why would someone sell you something that promises you to make millions for only thirty seven dollars.

Then when you try to close the window the screen will pop up and all of a sudden they will give you a ten dollar off offer.

Beware and if it seems to be to good to be true it probably is.

Be patient and find something you love. Take small steps and learn as you grow. There are many ways to promote your business for free and you don't have to rip off people to get there!

Look for companies that have been around for many years and stick with them. You will be SUCCESSFUL!

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