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Home Based Business Ideas Vision, Plan, Control
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Home Based Business Ideas Vision, Plan, Control

In this second article regarding home based business ideas and the possibility that you “may be successful”, I want to focus your attention on what I believe is as important to our success as our believing in ourselves. And that is…setting realistic, achievable GOALS.

I have learned over the years that those of us who don’t set specific goals are much like leafs in the wind…we just get caught up in the wind and it carries us to wherever it blows. We have no vision defined, no plans in place to get us to where we want to be, and no control over our destinies.

Goals will give us vision, plans to accomplish the vision, and put the control of our destiny into our own hands, and remove the dependency we have on others to get us to where we want to be.

My definition of GOALS is as follows:

Goals specify an exact end result (vision) that we want or need to achieve. By exact, I mean that we take very serious thought, consider WHAT it is that we want to accomplish, and define that as our main objective…

Goals will force us to look at the vision and decide what actions are necessary to make the vision a reality. This force will define the plan-of-action we must take in order to accomplish what we want.

Once the vision is in place and the plan has been defined, goals put the control of our destinies into our own hands…we get to decide what action is to be taken, when and how the actions will be performed, and what results are to be expected from the actions.

Since we’re looking at home based business ideas , I’ll use making a certain amount of money as my end result…vision. As I consider what it is that I want or need, I must ask myself some simple questions…

Why do I want this money?

...I am on a fixed income and I really struggle to make ends meet.

...I want to help my children with college expenses.

...I just love money and I’m gonna get all I can…

How much money do I need?

...My fixed income is $15,000. I need to double that to $30,000 annual. I need to set $15,000 as my end-result to have my $30,000.

...I have a nice income of $40,000 annual, but have two children ready to enter college. Their combined tuition is approximately $40,000 annually plus other expenses that would total $30,000. I need a combined total of approximately $70,000 annually to help them. I’m not going to put my $40,000 into the equation…that is my living income…I would set $70,000 as my end-result.

...I just love money and I’m gonna get all I can. I’m gonna be a millionaire!!! I would set $1,000,000 as my main objective.

I hope you get the idea. We’ve taken a serious, credible look at our wants or needs and defined an end-result based on those needs. We now have our goal defined and have set our vision in place.

Now that we have established our vision (main objective), we have indirectly established a starting point and an ending point.

In my next article, we will begin to look at the home based business ideas to decide what we are going to use as our “vehicle” to take us from start to finish.

If you begin to take action to silence that cold, cruel, voice within yourself, you will soon find that your belief in yourself will start to grow. David Viscot made the statement, “You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be.”

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