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Home Marketing To A New Wave
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Home-based businesses are one of the few expanding industries in North America today. Unemployment is as high as it has been since the Great Depression. The frustration that individuals face seeking jobs often leads to them into dropping out of the job market entirely. And if you are an older job seeker who has been unemployed for six months to a year, you are not even considered as a viable candidate by many employers.

There simply is a lack of demand in the consumer marketplace today. Businesses are not going to make a great deal of additional products if there is no one who is willing to buy them. While some products do enjoy a marketing bump, particularly right after they are first introduced, many of these products are not of an essential nature. While some people find that reading books on the Kindle is the great new wave of the future, others are perfectly happy with public libraries, especially those people who are somewhat older.

Ask any shop owner what he needs to make his business succeed and he will doubtlessly tell you “customers”, people with money in their pocket and the need to spend. Why do they need to spend? What are they spending it on? Think back over the last few weeks of your own life and identify which stores were the most crowded stores that you were in? Doubtlessly, the places where you were most likely to stand in line for service were grocery stores or gas stations.

We can cut back on how many Kindles, candles, computers, iPods we buy, but if we want to stay alive, we have to eat. And if we want to engage in commerce and community in today's society we will probably have to drive. These are the two most essential items that each of us has to buy every day and every week.

Home-based businesses surely can't be producing something as essential and consumable as food and gas can it? Clearly such an online based business must deal with drygoods or computer programs and software. How is it ever possible for gas and food to be transmitted via the Internet?

Today a company exists in Pensacola, Florida called Southeastern Delivery. They also have offices in Orlando, Florida and are moving into Tennessee. They are planning on expanding soon to Mobile, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia. This is a company that brings groceries to your door.

Home delivery of groceries is a concept as old as the hills. In today's world people are living at a very rushed pace. As a population, we are getting older and less able to go out and run our own errands. And the price of gas today has made shopping even more expensive, both at the pump and on the shelves of stores.

If our groceries came to us, instead of us going to get them, we would all save energy. We would all save time. And our oldest citizens would be able to live more complete and independent lives longer.

Today, a system exists where we can accomplish all of these good objectives. Southeastern Delivery has put in place a system such that home delivery of groceries is now possible. For people who want to help market the system, both free groceries and free gasoline are possible in addition to a significant residual income.

The company offers two ways to access their services. One way is to work for them as an internet marketer of the service they provide. The other way is to be simply a consumer and order your groceries through them. Currently, they are developing alternate systems to create more places from which groceries can be ordered. All of these offer interesting possibilities both as a consumer, and as a marketer through a home-based business.

This is a system of delivery which should have great appeal to our aging population. It was exactly 66 years ago that the post war baby boomer generation began. With each passing year, another group of people in this huge population bump will reach the age of 65. The system is designed to cater to and anticipate the needs of these people as they go into retirement and as they become less willing to shop themselves. This is a system and marketing effort that is putting itself in front of a great new wave and growing customer base.

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