How To Build Targeted Email Marketing Lists For Free
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How To Build Targeted Email Marketing Lists For Free

Do you have a system ready to go and will consistently brings in high quality targeted visitors? If not, here you will find all what you need.

Let's start from the ground...

1- A great blog - What I mean by a great blog? A great blog is...

- Appealing to the reader's eyes...

- Easy to navigate...

- Full of fresh, valuable and relevant content.

2 - A good autoresponder - How to evaluate an autoresponder?

- Deliverability

- List segmentation

- Usability

- Analytics

3 - A quality offering - Create an ebook, a video series, an online training or any other quality product that your market needs and wants. Don't give your website visitors any product downloadable for any other blog. Give them a unique product that can't find elsewhere.

If your three business pillars meets the above characteristics you are in your way to success, and...

Your email marketing lists building system is good to go.

Before going any further let me tell you... You probably know how important a blog, an autoresponder and a gift are to your online home business. The cheapest, fastest and most effective method to make big money online today is with email marketing lists. And you can’t build and manage your email marketing lists without a great blog a good autoresponder and a quality gift.

If you want to make it BIG You have to build your email lists... "No Email Marketing lists... No Money"

Presently what do you do ? The common thing is to start building your email marketing lists.

But how ?

Don't worry! I'll teach you the best strategies used by the most rich email marketer without spending a penny in selling hacked mailing list, lists collected by softwares, or any other illegal ways used for collecting unsolicited emails.

Below we are going to cover the most used and proven to work strategies for building targeted email marketing lists and the best of it... It's FREE!

I have used these strategies to build my email marketing lists of more than 35000 subscribers in no time frame, before bad events happened to me and quit the online marketing arena for more than 5 years.

I hope for all of you stay safe to keep reaping the benefits of what you have sown

How To Build Your Targeted Email Marketing Lists Using Proven To Work Strategies

Here I will save you some guesswork by giving all the proven to work marketing methods. All you have to do now is put them into work!

Ok, let's start...

- Website promotion - It is the most important part of your marketing strategy in the past, today and it's going to stay there. It's a do and forget strategy. This one is the most effective way to generate highly targeted organic traffic to your home based business blog.

Website promotion requires numerous procedures, such as content development, search engine optimization, linking strategy, keywords selection and placement, search engine submission, and other techniques to increase your blog’s exposure.

- Landing page creation - Create a landing page where people are taken when clicking on your website link.

A landing page is a powerful online marketing tool. Also known as a lead capture page or squeeze page. it’s a unique webpage where your task is to persuade visitors to give their information in exchange of free gift.

- Sign-up box placement - Place a well designed sign-up box in prominent places in every page of your blog and in your landing page. A sign-up box is more attractive and friendly than a simple email link. The top of the page is a better place for your sign-up box as it gets more exposure but the bottom is still good also.

Continuously incorporate a privacy statement telling your blog visitors precisely how you are going to utilize their email address, and how you will keep it private. With all the discussion about spam these days this is will reassure them and encourage them to subscribe.

- Social networking websites - Use the power of social networking websites to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your blog and build your email marketing lists at ne time frame for FREE.

Hundreds if not thousands of different social networking websites overthere. It seems like a new social network website is created each few hours.

It's very confusing to decide which networking website to join. There are many popular social networking websites that have become the leaders in this industry you can use them.

Look, if you want to flood your blog with eager readers and buyers, if you want higher search engine ranking without much extra work, if you want to double, triple the number of your email marketing lists then remember social networking websites.

The use of social networking websites, can bring your home business into markets traditional methods would never be able to do it.

You’ve probably heard from a lot of people that in order for you to really make an impact on social media, you have to be everywhere you can and this is wrong.

You can join as many network as you can but if you want to take the most of this strategy don't be everywhere. In fact, I'm sure that your social networking websites strategy will be more effective and more manageable if you select one that suits you and your business and be a leader in it. After that you can move to second, third and so on

For more about social networking websites go to Social Networking – The Ultimate Resource

- Content submission - I consider this is the most powerful strategy ever. People are online for one purpose which is information.

- Write quality articles, create a great video or even use your old photos to reach your targeted market. There's a lot of social networking websites, communities and directories to submit to for every content instrument you want to use. The choice is yours, use what you are familiar with the most.

- Create a video or videos series - Making informative videos about a specific subject is not that difficult or expensive.

Videos are getting more and more popular in the latest trend of Sales Videos. Videos are very attractive and a very appealing way of targeted visitors to your blog and will help a lot in building your email marketing lists and your business exposure.

- Write and submit articles - Well written an informative articles on a certain topic will provide tremendous business exposure.

Many home businesses have understood the importance of content marketing. As more people are heading towards the internet for their information needs, serving the right information to them via articles, videos, or event photos in your blog will increase the flow of traffic. With more traffic, the percentage of your list subscriptions will grow.

- Linking Strategy - Search engines use links to gauge blogs and websites popularity when they rank blogs for a specific keyword and phrases. The search engines refines continuously the utilization of the linking data to a compelling artwork, and use complex algorithms to perform nuanced assessments of blogs and pages on this information.

Since the 1990s search engines start giving more weight to Links between blogs with similar themes because they see links as a vote of confidence and trust for a specific blog or page and consequently, they tend to have a positive effect on a blog positioning.

Many Webmasters are realizing the importance of link popularity to get their websites rank high at the search engines results. Their goal is to generate as much traffic as possible in order to sell their products or services and build their email marketing list for free.

You need links. Not just any links, but high-quality and relevant ones. Why?

More and more, Search Engines are using links to help decide how relevant your blog is for your most important keywords. But not just any old linking method will do.

The more relevant and higher in value websites and blogs link to your blog, the better. With a good ranking position in the search engines, you will generate more targeted traffic to your blog and build your email marketing list fast.

You don’t have to spend a cent to build links to your blog. You just need to follow the guidelines of this successful Linking strategy.

- Join Online Communities and Forums - This strategy requires only your time and nothing else. You can share your knowledge and expertise with many online communities. You can get free advertising when you go to forums that target the audience you are trying to reach.

Most of forums' visitors are solutions and information seekers. they are looking for solution providers with proven expertise in a certain area. If you knew their problems, feel their pain and provide them with the right explication they are looking for, you will add thousands of targeted subscribers to your email marketing lists in no time frame.

Forums are invaluable tools and it should be utilized to its fullest potential. You can easily boost your email marketing lists subscriptions if you post helpful and intelligent responses to discussed topics.

It doesn't matter what you do, if people like your posts, they will head to your blog and they'll sign up for your email marketing lists.

Simply follow discussions with clever posts and use your signature file that tells people how they can subscribe to your email marketing lists. This works extremely well.

I recommend finding 3 to 5 forums that relate to your area of expertise and post on one of them once a week. though most forums do not allow direct advertising, there are ways to use them to your advantage, and if you can learn how to use forums to lead traffic to your website properly, you will have a powerful tool at your disposal.

- Use a resource box to refer visitors to your blog - A resource box is what you usually find at the end of an article or an email message.

A resource box contain the name of the author, a brief description of the author, a brief description of the blog and a link. If readers like what you provide and want to hear from you more, they will join you blog for more.

The resource box will be their link to the source of the article and this will entice them to go to the blog, they will subscribe to your email marketing lists and do some more reading or research for the subject or topic they are interested in.

Getting traffic to your blog is a long and challenging process. As a home business starter you need to implement these strategies one by one. When you see results doing one go to next and so on.

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