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How To Generate Leads For Your MLM Business Using Internet Marketing
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How To Generate Leads for Your MLM Business Using Internet Marketing

Multi level marketing or network marketing (I will use these interchangeably) has it's champions and naysayers. The people wanting you to join typically want you to buy the "amazing products" which you can use and also you can make money by recruiting "leads" and grow your "downline".

You are convinced that this will end your financial woes and you dive in.

Generating Leads The Old Fashioned Way

So you have joined and MLM company or a network marketing company. They tell you to write your "why" for joining the business and proceed to ask you to make a list of your "warm prospects", from your sister and her husband and her friend's teenager, via your pastor or mailman and, anyone you can think of really. Do your meetings, parties and share the products and money making opportunity.

The people who sign up for your opportunity are what are called "leads". They are your downlines who will do all the donkey work and make you money. Great plan right?

Wrong. People Have Changed

Problem is, that used to work, back in the day. These days, people are skeptical...and for a good reason: They have been scammed over and over again. The carrot you dangled before them keeps moving faster than they can catch up with and their wallets are not any better off than the first time you started...and neither is yours actually!

Welcome to network marketing gone bad.

That way of marketing simply does not work as well as it used to. I should know. I have been a network marketer for a while. When the market is behaving differently, you have to market differently. These days people find their recommendations, their buys and just about everything else, online. Call them to a party like the one I have described and you won't get that many returns. Do a similar thing online and you may just have more people than you can handle!

Enter The Internet - Massive Opportunity

The internet is a great tool for just about everyone who cares to harness it for their purposes. With it, you can build yourself as the "go to guy/gal" and leverage your knowledge to build trust with people who are looking for what you have. The smart network marketers have realized this and are now using the internet to market their opportunities using anything from videos, websites, articles, press releases, social media marketing...and the list goes on.

It is an era where, if you know what you are doing, you can literally build your business on a global scale buy just building yourself as a trustworthy "brand".

It's A Jungle Out There

That is easier said than done. There are a lot of technical issues that you need to know and implement this type of branding. There are a myriad of solutions that have been developed. Some are really great and others are really copy cats that are designed to skin you off your hard earned money. You have to be careful who you trust. With that said, if you are a network marketer, or any other kind of marketer for that matter, you really should learn how to build leads for your business using internet marketing. It is cheap, easy and very, very effective. Get yourself a road map, implement it and enjoy the proceeds...and enjoy your life.

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