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In Business, As In Comedy, Timing Is Everything
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Have you ever been early to a party? I don't mean 5 minutes before the event but like hours. Have you ever been late to a party? Not after the cake has been cut but after everyone has gone home and the dishes have washed boxed and loaded. This is what it can feel like in business when you are too early or late to the party as it were. Let's say you started pushing the "Green" attitude before anyone really knew what "Green" meant. Let's say it was before Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases. It is like arriving at a conventional party 2 weeks ahead of the scheduled time. This is not the best approach but let's say you see the whole "Green" movement is fixing to happen but you wait, unfortunately you wait until it is late. After everyone else has dug into the movement and taken their piece.

Of course, no one can tell you the most opportune time but you can trust your instincts to ferret out the opportunities. It all comes down to trusting yourself to know when to proclaim your place and offer that which only you can provide. You ever hear the term "the bubble has burst"? This refers to the time when the opportunity has passed. Thus usually refers to when opportunities in the .com business ended. Who knew this was going to happen? Most everyone I know knew something bad was going to happen.

When these opportunities have played themselves out is not a secret and does not require any particular insight. You just have to observe and listen. Observe how crowded a space gets with other people trying to take their piece and listen to the news both official and those around you. This is great for opportunities lost but what about the opportunities that are ripe right now.

Again it is all down to observe and listen. Observe trends in the areas you have interest and listen to the news related to those same areas. Do you have a hobby, dream job or a seemingly missed chance to achieve greatness in your life? These can be a good source and give you an opportunity to learn more while sharing your knowledge with others.

The best tool to start with is something you probably already use everyday on the internet. Search engines are a great source of information and also will let you know what is currently being searched. Searching for "donut" for instance will return 57,500,000 results. This is way too competitive a term to base a business on but gives you a start. So if you then search for "donut recipes" you get 203,000 results. Okay, now you are getting somewhere. You just need to keep restricting the search terms until you come across something that is being underserved. Something that returns 2,000 - 5,000 would be a good place to work.

There are also tools available to help seek out these search keywords that will be good to use for your business. The idea is to refine the search terms so when someone searches for donut recipes for diabetics they will have a chance to visit your site. You see if you only used "donut" chances are you will end up on page 1000+ and no one is going to look through that many pages of links to get to you but your links show up on page 3 or better yet page 1 then you may be getting somewhere and have some traffic to drive your business.

Early or late, just make sure you are in the business and not on the sidelines when those opportunities present themselves. Truly timing is important but don't jump in before an opportunity is available (search results less than 1,000 probably means there is not much of a market yet) or after the opportunity has passed and all the good pieces have been taken.

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It's never too late to start. You are right - timing is extremely important. Well written article!

  about 9 years ago
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