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Multiple Revenue Streams From One Website - An Example Blueprint For Success
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Multiple Revenue Streams From One Website - An Example Blueprint for Success

In the fast paced world of todays global economy it makes no sense not to have multiple streams of revenue from any one business. What are streams of revenue? Any source of money coming into your business is a revenue stream. They can be large and they can be small but the more streams the more productive your business. Some examples of revenue streams for an internet based business would be:

  • Website Product Sales
  • Affiliate Marketing Commissions
  • Advertising Revenue (Google Adsense for instance)
  • Educational Materials (ebooks, instructional materials)
  • Email Marketing Campaigns

By working with multiple sources of income you can guarenteed a longer life for your business and figure out how to optimize these streams while making money in the process. Let's say you sell some ebooks that are useful to the home gardener and let's say you have focused on herb gardening in particular.

Instead of relying others linking to your landing page you setup a website which is enjoying a steady flow of traffic but you want more so what would be the next logical step? One, you could expand into providing herb seeds and plants for sell on your website which could be logistically challenging given shipping live plants can be a daunting task.

You add a form to your website to collect email addresses in exchange for privileged information provided gratis. Aren't you the gregarious one? Providing this taste of your expertise excites the herbalists and grants you sales of your ebooks and builds an email list for free. Good times.

How about an ebook of recipes? An ebook of home remedies? You could even tap into the ever profitable and mysterious occult market, if you are so inclined. You could also work on an article detailing how herbs have been used throughout history.

All gardening requires tools, practical and whimsical alike. In this particular speciality organic anything is appreciated above all else. I remember paying a good bit for fish emulsion (basically they took fish to a blender and sold the result. Sounds yummy doesn't it? My basil and rosemary loved it :) ) The big selling point was that it was organic. You would be amazed how much people will pay for good solid information, sources for understanding herbs and how more importantly how to grow them.

Okay so now you have increased your traffic a bit but you are thinking it could be better still. So you saunter on over to ClickBank to find suitable products to promote on your site. In order to increase traffic you submit some articles to the article directories (ezinearticles, articlesbase and streetarticles for instance). You may even make your way over to squidoo to create a slew of appropriate lenses to promote your site.

Now if you are really adventurous and you have been collecting email addresses through your website to offer information to your website visitors, you can embark on email marketing campaigns to entice your core audience to visit and perchance purchase.

Care must be taken that you don't make your site too ad heavy. No one appreciates the hard sell but some judicious placement of ads mixed in with your priceless content. Directed traffic will find you and possibly the riches that only a global audience can provide.

This is just one example of how a simple website about herb gardening can flourish into a full blown business. You are providing not only expertise in the form of content on your website but provided them an opportunity to fully equip their arsenal for properly exploring and proliferating an herb garden of their own. Your website is now a source for them to acquire the herbs, tools, fertilizers and funky designer booties so necessary for having a properly equiped haven to help them further explore and expand their herbal adventures.

If you haven't already you will want to get Google Adsense setup on your site so your visitors can have occasion to purchase and earn yourself commissions in the process. Nothing is more frustrating than getting all excited about something you have read and no way to satisfy that undying craving to participate. Your website can be just that source. Are you getting the idea?

Think about your business or a business idea you may have and see how you can multiply the revenue streams to proliferate a business. These concepts could be applied to almost any niche. Sometimes we get focused on one aspect and forget to take a step back to get a better idea of the big picture. So, how could you expand your business? Any way you want. As long as you are providing needed information, you will find an audience. An audience with discretionary income at that!

I would love to hear from anyone who has other ideas about revenue generation that I may not have mentioned in this article or ideas of how they plan to expand their existing or future business.

Street Talk

Caleb R.  

Doing this is a lot easier than trying to manage 5 different sites with 5 different sources of income. Although you have to be careful, like you said, about being ad heavy.

  about 9 years ago
H Terrell  

If your site is ranked and have steady flow of traffic , you can rent out ad space,

  about 9 years ago
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