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Reading Emails, Getting Paid,is It That Easy? A Review Of Admax21
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Since I have dedicated my time on the internet to finding opportunities online for those that don't have money to get started, but would like to start or have a home based business, I thought I would check out a program called Admax21 and write a review on what I found.

The program advertises that you can not only join for free, but they will also pay you $20 just for joining. So I decided to join and that part of the promise was indeed true. I had $20 in my account as soon I confirmed through an email to become a member. The next thing they said was they would give me a URL to begin referring my friends or family members to join also. And they also offered a banner instead of a URL to advertise if I wanted to. And I did receive both those things as they promised.

Then they had an affiliate type program, in which each friend, family or anyone using my banner or URL they would compensate me for referring them to also join Admax21. I could have 3 members join under me and I would compensated $5 for each of those 3 members. I could have more than 3 members join under me, but just the first 3 is the number that they would compensate me for. So, you probably wonder why you would want more than 3 people to join under you if they only pay you $5 for each of them joining under you. The answer seemed pretty simple. They also allowed you to be compensated for 5 total levels under the first level, so the compensation plan was 5 levels deep.

On the second level, they would compensate you $1 for anyone that signs up under you, $.50 for the third level, and $.25 for the 4th and 5th level. They have no limit to the number of people you have on levels 2 through 5. So, you can see that if you and your other friends that join with you continue to find other people to refer and have join Admax 21, the compensation plan could add up to hundreds of dollars as your downline progresses.

They pay out the first of each month. You must have at least $75 in your account to receive compensation, but if you have many friends or family members that will join, it wouldn't take long to receive a payment. They can send a check or add the money you have earned to your Paypal account. So I believe that answers the opportunity in making money the easy way, referring your friends and how that part of their compensation plan works.

So, you're probably wondering, what you and your referrals are required to do after joining. And reviewing this part seemed quite easy. They send you emails to read. And they pay you to read them. How many emails do you get each day that have advertisement in them, so wouldn't it be nice to get paid each time you read them?

Well they will send a few emails each month and ask you to read them. You don't have to purchase anything, you will get paid just for reading them. And they will be on topics you pick out. The amount you get for each email is not a set amount. They pay 60 percent shared on ads to the members who read emails and refer people each month. So 60 percent of each ad purchase is divided between the accounts of each member that reads that particular ad.

They also have monthly bonus plans for those that refer the most people. There are also quarterly bonuses, annual bonuses, as well as bonuses for referring the most advertisers to Admax21. One promise that is very adament is the fact their program is totally free, they will never ever ask you for a single penny for being part of Admax21, and they guarantee that.

So, my review of Admax21, I would say that there is no investment or back-end fees ever for someone that has the desire to have a home-based business. They do have compensation plans and numerous opportunities for anyone who is a member to receive various bonuses, and the only thing that is asked of a member is to refer friends and read emails. I hope this review of Admax21 gives some incite to anyone who does not have money to start a home based business, but has an interest in doing so. Reading emails is an everyday thing for just about anyone that uses the internet. Getting rewarded for doing something we do anyway doesn't seem to be a bad thing, especially when the economy has had such a big effect on many lives of late.

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