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Save Your Insanity, Work AT Home!
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Save Your Insanity, Work AT Home!

It can literally be insane to work a lot of hours with no appreciation. Have you ever had those moments at work where you just wanted to pull your hair out? Are you at the end of your rope and there is nothing else to give? Well say no more, you can actually save your insanity by working at home. What, are you, crazy you might ask? Indeed I am. I have found in life that the craziest and boldest ideas are from people that usually have had enough.

It’s a growing trend where people have used their ingenuity and their own smarts to make something more out of their lives. Now am I saying to quit your job tomorrow and start working at home. No, unless you have the adequate funds (I mean money) to sustain yourself for at least 3-6 months. Is it going to take long? Well, that’s entirely up to you, your drive and your determination. I will not say this is an easy thing and not everyone has the environment at home to do so.

The key to all work at home jobs is not finding something that obviously is over budget or not within the realms of your liking. Perhaps there is a hobby that you have, perhaps making kites, baking brownies and your really good at it, now would be the perfect time to see if there is a market for it. With a little time and patience you could test market to a few friends and family, get their opinion. Without telling them what your goals are see if they are receptive to the idea. Whether you get support or not from friends and family, try test marketing to your neighbors. Once again the key is saving your insanity, so have to try to market to someone in order to be successful. If you have made some money with your project you have already won all the mental stress in thinking that it wouldn’t work.

Your neighbors are usually unbiased especially if they don’t know you. You can start off by stating that you are doing some market research in the area and trying to get a feel or pulse of the neighborhood on whatever you are trying to market. Make sure you get all ages and genders. Once you have made all the comparisons from your market research, its time to make a prototype of the item you want to market.

You will be amazed with all the feedback you will get, whether it is positive or negative. My advice to you is: Write IT ALL Down!! It will amaze you that negative feedback can be a great motivator. I am always reminded of the Wright Brothers and their quest to fly and all the people that said they couldn’t do it. Reflecting back decades later to the present, we could only imagine where we would be with airplanes.

Here are some guides that will help save your insanity by working at home. Writing down your goals are extremely important because you will always have a visual as to what you will need to accomplish. Motivation is also essential because without why are you doing what you are doing. That really takes a gut check to see what you are truly made of, to see what keeps you going from day to day. If you are a check-to-check and week-by-week person, this sort of jump may or may not be suited for you.

The best example I love to give is a relative I know worked very hard for the company that they slaved for, for many years. The company recently fired them, they had never had any violations, Ect. Ect, a model employee. They told me what they were making on a yearly basis and what the company made in a week. What the company made in week at their store is what they made for the whole year. And I told them, so basically you worked the rest of the weeks and months for free, if the company was making that sort of money? They basically said:” Here’s the check for the year and well call you whenever and you can work 80 hours a week for us. No complaining now. And of course well make this as hard as possible for you. Ha, Ha”.

Now who would sign up for that? All of have, but my point is: Now do you get it? Companies will always buy you at wholesale and sell you( your time, energy and mental capacity) at retail without hesitation. So now is the time to plan for today because tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. Its time to get up, get motivated and find something that will change your life and your families. This way you can save your insanity by working at home.

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