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Secret Language Of Prospects - Part 2 Of 5 - Selling To The Yellows
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Secret Language Of Prospects  -  Part 2 Of 5  -  Selling To The Yellows

The decision-making part of the human brain is located in the subconscious mind and you have to learn how talk directly to that. People can be a combination of personality colors, but there is always a primary color that drives specific behaviors and traits.

There are four different ways to talking to people, according to their personality type. In the next four articles, you'll find out exactly how each of the 4 personality types think and most importantly, how you can build rapport with these prospects.

If you want your business to soar you must start to pay attention to what is going on around you and learn how people work. Today's article focuses on the Yellow personality type, their characteristics and how you can convert these prospects into faithful customers.

The Yellows Are Relationship-Oriented

Yellows (phlegmatic individuals) make up 35% of the population and they are the friendly, nurturing and caring "let’s do it!" folks. These are the nurses, the teachers that are more relationship-oriented rather than task-oriented. They love to get involved and are excited to see what happens next. They are planners and think about the long-term consequences of joining your business.

When you talk to a Yellow they make you feel good! They are warm and funny people with usually soft voices. Mother Teresa was a Yellow personality! When talking to a Yellow use a soft tone and words like team, together and relationships. These are values that Yellows resonate with.

Dominant traits:

• Motto: let's be friends!

• Occupation: teacher, nurse, counselor, therapist

• Voice: soft and gentle

• Dress: casual and comfortable

• Strengths: dependable, loyal, patient, trustworthy, supportive and nurturing

• Key words: team, together, relationship, family

• Dislikes: pushy people, bullies, conflict

Don't talk to them about the profits they can make, rather about how your products or services will benefit other people.

To grab their attention, you must:

• Focus on ideas and inspiration

• Spend more time listening

• Provide incentives

• Orient your message to future time

• Show them how your product or service will changes things for the better

• To make them act, provide testimonials and incentives

• Focus on building rapport / interaction

• In writing be informal and dramatic

• On the phone be conversational and funny

Some of their weaknesses are resistance to change, procrastination, indecisiveness and lack of initiative.

How To Create Rapport With A Yellow

The best way to develop contact with yellows is to get to know them. Use some feeling words to help them open up. Once they get to know you, they will be more willing to talk about your business.

Yellows sense when people are phony, so don't be pushy and aggressive in your message. Instead of telling them how much money they can make, show them how many people they'll be able to help by joining your business.

They are more interested in seeing the big picture than they are in the details. When presenting your business, focus on the main pointers rather than on explaining the minutiae behind your products. Talk about your past successes and how your ideas have come to fruition over the years. Relate your presentation to the bottom line.

Strategies to Avoid

• Dry, formal tone – yellows are not all about the money and will be turned off by someone who is.

• Too many details – A 3rd degree of your products is likely to bore them, so stick to the facts that are most likely to apply to their situation.

• A low-key presentation – Yellow prospects are looking for excitement so you're unlikely to convert them with a soft-sell.


Approaching yellows is relativity easy, but you must learn how to tone it down. Remember, these prospects don’t want to be sold. They hate pushy, aggressive salespeople.

When you talk with a Yellow, become a Yellow. Slow the pace. Contain your excitement. Yellows see it as hype and they will be most likely to respond to someone who is emotionally involved in the sales presentation and who seems excited and vibrant.

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