Secret To Successful Affiliate Marketing
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Secret To Successful Affiliate Marketing


Most people when starting out (myself included) put WAY too much time into identifying a niche or idea to base their businesses on, and this does nothing but waste valuable mental resources.

I've created this article called the secret to successful affiliate marketing to show you techniques that will save you a boatload of time in the beginning when getting your online business niche picked out.

And if you stick to these rules, you will have your niche & idea to base your website on all sorted out before you know it.

What ographic Do You Represent?

Many newbies often fail to ask themselves this question in the beginning, and instead, they focus on ways to create or promote niches or ideas they don't have any experience with thinking it's going to make them the next millionaire.

You are going to have difficulty getting your creativity out efficiently if this is you, so I caution you not to fall into the abyss of endless niche decision making and instead just keep things simple.

Become Your Audience

When you are sorting out your niche in the beginning, ask yourself where you come from and what group or demographic you represent. Maybe you are a student in school or college, an office employee who works for a large company. Or you could even be a business owner. Whatever group you're a part of whether it's one of these 3 or another, you are part of an audience of people with similar interests, wants & needs. Realize this, because knowing can make you a lot of money if you play your cards right.

Take note once you have determined the demographic you represent because THIS is the group to focus your marketing efforts on when starting out. The idea is to identify a need or problem to solve within your target demographic, which you will have much difficulty with if you cannot effectively put yourself into the minds of your target audience.

Find A Way To Help

Now that you've identified your target demographic, and you know who you will be marketing to, the next step is to identify a problem to solve or an issue to address within your group.Now is when you get to come up with an idea to base your business on, so get your creative juices flowing!

Now is when you get to come up with an idea to base your business on, so get your creative juices flowing!

Take A Break - Relax!

Go for a walk, grab a cup of coffee, or get into a pleasant mood. Don't let this part of the process stress you out, it's supposed to be fun. If it does stress you out, you are trying too hard, and it's time for a break.Don't shoot for something complex either. It's often the little things that have the biggest impact, and little things are also easy to afford most of the time.

And don't shoot for something complex either. It's often the little things that have the biggest impact, and little things are also easy to afford most of the time.

Ask yourself questions like these:

What are the everyday activities of the people in my target demographic, and how can I add to or improve on any existing systems?

What do these people buy, what do they do, where do they go?

What do they need help with, or what service would you improve upon in your life?

These questions would be near impossible to answer if you can't get into the minds of your audience, but since you are already part of your target group it is going to be much easier.

Brainstorming Experiment

Let's assume you're an office employee, and you're the type of person who is around your office co-workers all day like most folks. That informal group of men & women you get to socialize and talk shop with before you going home if you know what I mean. Your "work husbands" and "work wives" as my old co-workers used to call themselves.

If we analyze this group of people, we learn they are all of working age, they are all employed, they all work normal 9-5's and probably have similar daily schedules to yours, and some may have children or families of their own. They all like getting time off or vacation time, they all like to save money when they can, I could go on here but I won't.

I bet there are millions and millions of people in the USA alone who would fit the mold of person I described in the above demographic.

Making Life Easier

Now, what can you do to help these people, or what can you do to make their lives easier? Or your own for that matter if you are a part of this demographic? Well... that's where you come in, and answering this question is a lot easier than it seems.

Ways to save money on purchases, fun places to go on vacation, or how about information about something or topics you are familiar with that others might find helpful? How about useful products or services you're aware of that others in your group may appreciate? These are all good ideas to base a niche on, and if you noticed, the common denominator here is helping people.

The most successful online businesses use concepts like these that provide genuine help or useful services to others, and I am a part of a large group of other successful online marketers at Wealthy Affiliate, so I know this personally.

Start Building Your Online Business

Now that you have your niche ironed out, you are ready to begin building the online business to start promoting the product or service you believe will help your target demographic. The first step is to get a web presence established with an online business website builder, and it just so happens that I know where you can find one of the best in the world.

The SiteRubix Website Builder

I've created an entire article on the system I used to build and support my online business that you can find on my website. It's through a company called SiteRubix, and these guys not only let you try their system out for free, but they also give you two free websites regardless if you sign up and you can't find this anywhere.

I have also included a tool below for you if you already have an idea for an online business. It will let you choose a "domain name" to start off with, which is just another definition for your website address. And once you have that part picked out, you will be ready to start building.

Begin Promoting Your Website

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate training! By now you should have already completed the first module of your training, and your website should be up and running. Well done! And if you opted for the premium membership upgrade, you now have access to a lifetime of training and tools that will teach you the most effective ways to generate income online.

This company is going to show you ways to promote your online business that you never thought possible.

World Class Education & Support

Wealthy Affiliate's affiliate marketing education isn't like the others that you find online, and it's the support they offer that sets them apart from the rest. You can't find a place like this where you can get answers to questions on demand 24/7/365, let alone a community of more than 100K other members who have likely already asked and received answers to the questions you have now.

This place is a beginners paradise, and caters to the needs of people who are getting their online business off the ground. It is the online school I attended for my affiliate marketing education, and the program I use for my ongoing online business education as well.

Keep Building

Congratulations! At this point you have your niche brainstorming out of the way, you know how you'll be helping people, your domain is already picked out, and you've got your website launched and up and running. Time to pat yourself on the back.

Thanks to the education you received from Wealthy Affiliate, you know how to market your website properly via social media outlets and through search engine optimization, and you are now officially off and running.

What Is Blogging?

Now is when you will need to focus on your consistency and to keep building up your website. We do this as affiliate marketers through something called "blogging," which is just a fancy online term for writing an article and posting it to your website. I've blogged about "the secret to successful affiliate marketing" in this blog/article which is likely what attracted you here, so blogs can be written about practically anything.

Writing about topics relative to your online business niche is one of my favorite ways to attract visitors to my websites, and can be quite lucrative once you get good at it. The idea is to continue writing blogs as much as possible so your website traffic and revenues compound over time. Building anything is going to take time, so remember to be consistent and to always keep building. AKB!

Get The Right Training & Support

I've given the analogy that building an online business is a lot like building a campfire elsewhere, but it seems appropriate to be mentioned here again.

If you've ever spent the night outdoors, and you needed to build a campfire to heat your shelter, then you already know you will need a place to put the fire. You know you will need supplies & equipment to build it and get it lit, and the know how to put it all together.

You know it is going to take some effort in the beginning, but once the fire is lit you only need to care for it to keep it taking care of you. And that it might make you sweat in the beginning, but you know the result you get is all that counts.

The concept of building a successful online business is very similar to this. You are going to need somewhere to put it (your website), the supplies and equipment to build it and get it going (tools and materials), and the know how (training & support) to show you how to put it all together.

If you are interested, and you would like to learn about the company I went with in the end to support my online business, check out the article I've written on Wealthy Affiliate. Click HERE if you would like to read it.

They were my final choice, and I could not be happier with how things worked out.

How I Have Implemented These Techniques Myself

For many years, I was a top home mortgage loan officer for some of the largest lenders in the USA, and the clients I helped with home loans came from all walks of life.

I assisted realtors, attorneys and a slew of other business professionals and their customers, so my target demographic consisted people who were somehow involved with mortgages or real estate financing.

Business Loans Made Simple

The first website I created on this list is called Business Loans Made Simple.

It is a website that helps small business owners find fast, small business financing with a quick approval time, and that is hard to find if you've been in the business like I have.

Banks can take weeks to get back to clients, but some of the companies I've reviewed here can give a decision and fund a loan in under a week. This website helps to connect people to useful products & services with the excellent companies I have researched, and which helps me out as well.

Some of these companies pay anywhere from a few hundred to even as much as $1000 per completed transaction, which is a lot of money if you ask me. If you would like to learn more about the high-end loan companies I have researched with high commission payouts, just click HERE.

Mortgage Mentor

The other website on my list is a site called "Mortgage Mentor", but I apologize as it is not quite ready yet... I will update this article with the domain name when it is so you can check it out.

This one is going to have a ton of information about mortgages and the home mortgage process, and will be a handbook for the novice to the experienced. It will also contain some of my inside tricks on how to negotiate a lower interest rate, and tips to pay your mortgage off faster. It will be cool.

Mortgage Mentor will generate income from the traffic it produces and the ads I will place, so it will be something to see.

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