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In October 2008 you and I and the larger part of the world witnessed something, that was for the most of us, utterly unexpected. A near collapse of the financial structure of many of the advanced economies of the world.

First to stumble was Iceland, small, but with a surreally bloated banking system. Then banks began to crumble all over the world. Investigations showed that banking officials had completely lost their minds, they sincerely believed that they were invincible supermen who multiplied assets by throwing them to and fro, sold people into this fantasy and literally stole their money.

Iceland, being my turf, is foremost in my mind. Believe me, we were ready to start lynching bankers and the politicians who instigated everything with their unsurpassed stupidity. Luckily for all, we are an unarmed nation, so we had to revert to eggs, paint and an occasional rock. But we kicked the administration out and elected a new one. Of course we think they are doing little and too slowly, but after two years, we are beginning to see trough the fog.

What our esteemed leaders did, was to guarantee all local bank accounts and nothing more. All other lenders to the banks, ninety percent of them international speculators lost most of their money.

According to Bloomberg Feb. 1st, Iceland now owes eighty five percent of GDP, Ireland, having bailed out the banks owes twelve times their GDP. Similar information for the US and UK are not for public consumption.

All this has led to sever cutbacks in living standards for people all over the globe. However you earn your income, you probably see it less and less effective. Many are facing increased debt and governments, in their inability to think clearly, turn to increased taxation.

We, the taxpayers and consumers, simply have to find ways to get more money. Certainly there are many ways to that, most even legal. How to earn extra income is what I would like to point out. Internet marketing. All of you, having a computer, a few spare hours and the inclination of supplementing your income, can do this.

If you are inexperienced, you need to find someone to show you the way. My recommendation is a group of people called Wealthy Affiliates. They have extensive tools and courses in ways to earn extra income. Experience among them indicates that this extra income can become your only needed income. If you work at it. Check it out.

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