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The Holy Grail Of Home Based Businesses?
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I've got a little "secret".

Actually, it's really not that much of a "secret" at all.

In fact, you've probably heard about it quite a bit over the last few months. And I can guarantee you're going to hear about it for the next few months, and probably the next few years to come.

It's just that most people have been ignoring it, don't comprehend the significance of what they've heard, or simply don't understand how it applies to them.

But it's probably the biggest news to hit the home based business industry in several decades.

It's so huge, that the people at Google have totally altered their search engine algorithms to take it into consideration. And they've developed an entire business concept built around it. They also tried to purchase another company devoted to this "secret" for $6 Billion. But here's the amazing part. That other company turned Google down flat!

So that should tell you something about how important this "secret" is.

Alright, enough of the suspense.

So just what is this "secret"?

I can sum it up in 3 little words.

Local Business Marketing

For anyone who is thinking about starting a home based business, or for anyone who has an existing home based business, this is the direction to which you should be looking.

The potential in local business marketing is so huge that Google actually had their software engineers change their search engine algorithms to favor local businesses in their search results. And if you don't know about Google Places, then you should. Google allows businesses to be verified with them and then gives them prominence in their search results.

And who was that company that turned down Google's $6 Billion dollar offer?

That would be Groupon.

Groupon is a collective buying service for local businesses. In other words, they offer a discount on products or services that only go into effect once a certain number of customers have agreed to buy them. It's a terrific concept because it's a win-win. Consumers get the discount while the business is guaranteed a certain number of sales to make it profitable for them. Plus, they generate new customers.

Both Google and Groupon understand that "going local" is where marketing is headed.

And if you are someone who wants to earn a living by working from home, then you can reap the rewards of this trend.

Think about it.

There are literally millions of local businesses all over the world. And there might be hundreds or even thousands in the city or town where you live. So your potential customer base is huge!

But where do you begin?

The simplest way to tap into this market is to design websites for local businesses.

With the advent of Wordpress, and an innumerable amount of themes and plugins, it's possible to create any type of website imaginable.

Over 50% of local businesses do not have a website, and of the ones who do, many are not happy with what they have. So the market is there for people who can provide that type of service. And not only can you charge a business to design their website, but you can charge them a monthly fee for web hosting.

Similarly, there are even more local businesses who do not have a Facebook page. And think about it. A Facebook page is a website, and can be extremely effective in advertising a business. But most business owners don't know how to set up a Facebook page for their business. Or even if they do, they don't know how to monetize it to their advantage.

So this is another service you could provide local business owners.

And there are many others such as Google Places Verification, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Texting Campaigns, and Phone Lead Generation.

Don't worry if you don't know what all these are.

The main thing is to start, by providing those services to local businesses that you do know how to do. You can always learn new ones later on.

Once you have determined what services you plan to offer, then develop a marketing plan to use in promoting your services to local business owners. Having a strategy to present your services to local business is an integral part of your success.

So if you want to start a home based business, or expand your existing home based business, then definitely explore local business marketing . It truly could be the "Holy Grail of home based businesses.

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