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The Secret Language Of Prospects - Part 1 Of 5
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The Secret Language Of Prospects  -  Part 1 Of 5

What if you knew the "Secret Language of Prospects"? What if you could read their mind? What if you could unscrew the top of their head, reach into their mind and remove their sales filter? Then plant your product or service in its place. Would that help your business grow effortlessly? Wouldn’t that be a lot of fun!

Exploring The Secret Language Of Prospects

Most business owners are so busy trying to convince prospects to understand their point of view, that they completely misunderstand their audience! How can you expect to make more sales if you don’t understand the secret language of prospects?

You're most likely communicating with all your clients using the same "script", which made most of them to tune you out. If you want to know why you or others behave a certain way, then you need to understand the secret language of prospects.

Understanding your prospects begins with identifying their perception of the world, not the way you think they perceive it. Successful businesses read their prospects fast and adapt their pitch accordingly. The results? Sky rocketing conversion rates!

Now you too can learn the secret language of prospects and improve your sales communication skills.

Everyone Has A Basic Personality Type

Knowing how to identify your prospects' personalities enables you to tune into their own language and communicate your message effortlessly.

This will literally make all the difference between success and failure and move you from blindly operating from "a one size fits all" perspective into acquiring a broader view of your target audience.

You will sell more when you understand your prospects thinking patterns. The following articles in this series will teach you how to speak the secret language of prospects so you will always know:

• How they liked to be talked to

• What was important to them

• If they were over sensitive

• If they would be teachable

• What motivates them – money, fun, validation

But how can you gain this unfair advantage? How can you literally reach into the minds of your prospects and help them give you the results you want? By knowing the secret language of prospects.

The Benefits Of Understanding Your Prospects

By learning to identify and understanding these personality types you'll learn what truly motivates your prospects. Everybody has one of 4 personality types/colors:

• BLUE (Analytical)

• RED (Driver)

• GREEN (Amiable)

• YELLOW (Expressive)

Each type determines how people act and respond to certain situations. What things are important to them? Why they like to be talked to in a certain way? Why they like and dislike certain things?

In a nutshell, knowing what a person’s personality type is means you'll understand them better then they understand themselves. You'll be speaking the secret language of prospects.

The 4 Personality Colors

Well, I told you there are 4 color personality types. Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red . At this point this tells you nothing. No worries it didn't mean anything to me when I first heard about this either. But I sure wish I knew about the secret language of prospects years ago, it would have saved me a ton of aggravation.

The next four articles will take you deeper into the secret language of prospects and explain each of the four personality types/colors. Once you’ve identified your prospects personality colors, you can adapt your message to ensure you create a strong relationship. After all, people relate much easier to those like them.

Learning the 4 personality colors is probably one of the best things you’ll absolutely need to take your business to a whole new level. Master the secret language of prospects and your business and personal life will skyrocket. Guaranteed!!!

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A must for any sales business

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