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The Secret Language Of Prospects - Part 5 Of 5 - Green Means Stop
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The Secret Language Of Prospects  -  Part 5 Of 5  -  Green Means Stop

Green Is For Stop

What if, instead of treating people they way you'd like to be treated, you started treating them the way they'd like to be treated? Would that make a difference to your business goals?

This article teaches you how to adjust your communication to match your prospects personality types. Today we talk about the Greens.

Greens Are Indirect And Self-Contained

Logical, persistent and analytical, Greens make up about 35% of the population. They love facts and figures and are great negotiators. They don't like to be rushed when making a decision and want to be certain that they made the right choice.

If they are really passionate about something, the greens can be extremely excited and passionate about that topic. This is when it tends to be hard to distinguish them from a blue spontaneous individual.

The main differentiator between them and a blue personality is that they are stuck on that topic and not wandering all over the place like a blue type would. Greens are the ones that bring a Blue’s ideas to fruition.

Key pointers:

• Motto: let's crunch some numbers!

• Profession: accountant, engineer, computer programmers

• Voice: soft and polite

• Dress: formal and conservative

• Strengths: organized, planner, loyal, accurate, persistent

• Key words: why, graphs, charts, research, exactly, possibly

• Dislikes: pushy people, no facts

Talking To The Greens

The Greens tend to be skeptical. You need to answer the "Why?" question, they are future oriented and dwell on the possibilities and vision.

Skip the small talk and get right to the ideas and plans that will impact the future. Provide a logical solution to concrete problems and puzzles. They love the challenge to find solutions.

Show them how your ideas blend with their vision. Help them picture the outcome and remember that they want to be sure that what they do makes sense. You'll develop rapport by valuing their competence and diligence.

They are the ones that want to know all there is about your business before they make up their minds, but the great thing is that once they make a decision, they stick with it. Once they take on your offer, the greens want to know exactly what to do next to reach their goals.

Some of their weaknesses include the fact that they're uncomfortable sharing their feelings, they hate making mistakes so they over-analyze things and they are suspicious of people and very critical.

Don't Push The Greens

They hate pushy people and not having all the numbers. So when you're talking to a green, make sure to give them facts and figures and just know that you cannot overload them with information.

You can't sell them, don’t even try! They must sell themselves. They’ll go to your web site and swallow all the information from every link on your site. Be upfront and load them with facts and figures! Answer all their questions and then give them more! Let them analyze the information at their own pace. They'll get back to you shortly ready to start. They’ve sold themselves.

Hopefully, by now you've realized that understanding your prospects personality types can be great for your business. If you know how to talk to them in a way that resonates with their personality then you will be able to build rapport more easily.

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