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May be saying that home based business is for everyone I would be dead wrong, I have searched in the net for most two years with no straight forward way of making money, I have also used some cash but I have never gotten a clear chance of how I earn money and sometimes I wonder are all this guru really here to help a beginner or an armature to earn money online,

I admire those people who make five, six figures from online but I have never even met one from Africa who does that, coming from outside USA it’s hard to get someone who really wants you to earn that money if the ones there does it.

I don’t know if it’s good to blame the online gurus for may be profiting from the armature and these who want to achieve in the internet marketing but would make my own suggestions and if there is anyone there with a system or the way to help the armature start and make money would be forever grateful to know them. As most of them advice don’t pay to work.

Suggestion what I mean by loans is that you teach someone how to make money using your own formula or system you have and the first amount that the person makes you take it as your payment, most of the systems we join want upfront payments which we are not even sure if you will make any money or what happens if they don’t have a refund programmes,to me that’s a person whom for sure is willing to help others.

Suggestion 2.The truth about what you earn: many of the gurus who want to sell us the beginners formulas of earning money don’t really tell us the truth of what they earn, yes they show us proof but if you ever get two or three sites and check the proof it all looks the same ,so may be one person is talking the truth or they are those doing copy cutting of other earners.

Suggestion 3.Fake formulas/systems. Most of us who want to earn from internet have been swindled so much that we wonder what happens, I know people can use any kind of trick to earn money but don’t use fake formulas to attract unknown customer you will pay dearly for that, if you know what you offer is fake then just cancel it.

I know this is from a crazy Kenyan but I believe there are people out there who can really teach others how to make money online without asking for a dime and those people can build a big empire or may be charging after your student has started earning just like school loans help us.

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