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Tips To Writing Good Website Content
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Tips to Writing Good Website Content

The proverbial question in online marketing or building your online business is figuring out what is good website content. Some people claim to have the “magic formula” and promise you loads of money if you sign up with them and do what they do.

This is not true!

Don’t fall for bright and shiny objects!

Good website content is you…writing as you…

…writing good information for your visitor.

Nothing more! Nothing less!

Let’s take a look at some key points that you should include in your content:

Be Conversational…Follow the “Barstool Test”

Whether you enjoy conversations at a bar, lounge, restaurant or even the water cooler, you need to have similar conversations with your online visitors.

• Don’t talk down to them

• Don’t act superior

• Don’t talk like you’re in a lecture hall.

Talk to them! From you to them as if you were sitting across the table from each other. You ask a question, they respond. They ask a question, you respond. Just like you talk about the weather, your family, work, or your next vacation you want to talk with the visitors to your website.

Know Your Visitor

Please know who your website is targeting, who your niche is. You need to have an understanding of what their interests are and what they are searching for. For instance, this website has two objectives:

1. Showing visitors how they, too, can learn to blog

2. Targeting Baby Boomers in particular

Because I, too, am a Baby Boomer I know the mindset, the likes and dislikes, the history of this very influential group. After all, there are over 70 million in the United States alone and, if they’re like me (and they/you are) then they want to:

• Learn to blog

• Own their own website

• Even make money online

But this brings me to my next point…

Provide THE BEST Website Content

This means providing the answers to the questions that your visitors are looking for. They are searching for and have landed on your site for a reason. You must convince them that their search has ended and what they are looking for is here.

Content is

• you providing the information

• written in a conversational style

• answering the questions being asked

These are the key factors in writing quality content that will be read and referred back to and even referred on. Don’t minimize this and try to write stuff that is not you…and certainly not what your visitor will read!

“Content is King”

Have you ever heard this? It’s a fairly regular phrase in on the online business world, whether you own a shop or are starting up your own online business. The websites that get read and followed are the ones that write for their audience.

This will ensure that your posts get read and, if you have monetized your site, make sure that you sell whatever it is that you are selling. But you must still make the content the focus of your site and not just a passing thought.

How do you do this?

• Sell quality items

• Preferably own or try these products out first

Write great reviews on the products

People searching for your product are doing more than just looking. They want to read about it, especially by someone who has used it and gives an unbiased review. You want to earn your visitor’s trust and build your website into an authority site on the subject matter.

Here Are A Few Other Tips:

• Be laser-focused with your content – know what you are writing about and why and stay focused on that. Don’t meander or your visitor will as well…and leave your site.

• You can be opinionated but be truthful – whether you are writing an editorial or a product review, ensure that your opinion can either be backed up by fact and logic. Remember, you want your visitor to learn to trust you and the things you recommend.

• Speak from experience if possible – too often websites just promote, promote, promote…and then we find out that the author really has no first-hand knowledge of the subject or the product. People want to read what others think and recommend, good and bad.

• Use humor – again, you are not giving a dissertation, unless you are a scientist blogging to other scientists. Engage your reader with your humor but use it in moderation…unless you have a comedy website then your content must be humorous.

• Don’t lose sight of your personal values and beliefs – staying true to yourself is what will “sell” you more than anything else. There are real people on the other side of those searches and they want to know they are speaking to another real person with values and beliefs similar to their own. It honestly does come through in your writing and the posts on your website.

• Think about the user’s experience – one of the best ways to do this is to think about your own online experience and what you are looking for and what catches your eye. Why would the visitor to your site be any different than you? Always ask yourself:

o Is this the content that my user is searching for?

o Have I answered their questions?

o What else do they need?

• Spelling and grammar – please make sure that your spell-check is on and that your sentences make sense and have a natural flow. Only use slang if you think that is what your visitor uses; i.e. speaking “western” to cowboys. But even if this is the case, you still need to make sure that your content is written well and accurate. If necessary, get someone to read it before you hit that publish button.

• Good content is also easy to read – break up your post so there is an appropriate amount of “white space” so your highlights (headers) are easy to read should someone want to simply scroll over the points. Make it easy to read and follow and…decorate your content with pictures that fit naturally into the post.

Good content is written for your visitor

Your visitor is on your website for a reason

Follow these rules and let your content speak to your reader and answer their questions

…and that is how your website becomes successful!

Thanks for reading.

Street Talk

Thanks for sharing your tips!

  about 6 years ago

I was thinking the other day, I know many topped ranked authors. I am proud of all of you. My hero's ;O)

  about 9 years ago

Thanks. Not sure a hero but appreciate the thought.

  about 9 years ago
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