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Today’s Economy And The Home Business Network.
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We all know unemployment is on the rise, but the question is what we are doing to create a backup plan.

Each week the unemployment rate in NY is either stagnant or tends to increase more that decrease. Our government is confused while the economy is in uproar. As of yet nothing seems to be in favor of the working public. The job environment is overcrowded with extra task while staffing itself is diminishing. People are working longer hours to keep up with the overload of work and they are spending less time at home. Meanwhile, rent and other bills are still high in cost and must be paid every month. Ask yourself, why should we pay all that money for rent, when you spend less that 40% of the work week at home?. It is clear, from this economic breakdown; we are facing a string of issues among those mentioned above.

What New Yorkers need is a plan B, something that will back up what you currently do and won’t necessarily interfere with you daily activities. In many cases , a great plan B will replace your current job. Seeking out a well credible and proven source that has been efficient for years is a  great starting point. Is there something out there that actually works?  Can New Yorkers earn enough to keep up with bills and have enough to comfortably enjoy life and spend more valuable time with the Family? The answer is yes , but we need to tap into our human resources.

Human resources, is what we have and who we are as an individual. Moms,  college students, single parents and many more groups can benefit from a solid plan B. “Entrepreneurship”, that is my key point. Many might not know it, but we can talk to a friend about BJ`s , Costco, Macy`s sales days, Parties, etc , but we think we cannot refer a friend to use a product and make some extra cash. The truth is we already do, but we are just not getting paid for it. While you cannot quit your job yet, we can use these available sources to back up whatever plan you currently have in place. We have to be willing to explore wisely, be aware of those get rich quick schemes, and do not invest more than $ 50-$200 in any own your own  business idea.  Companies who charge a ridiculous amount of startup capital should be weeded out the picture. Think about it, you are seeking for new ways to earn, not more ways to break the bank.

Most companies will charge a reasonable fee to separate the sheep from the goats, not everyone is serious and most times won’t invest in themselves. You have to spend some to make some. When you prepare for a traditional job, you buy clothes for interviews, cover travelling expense, stationary for resumes etc., and the same idea applies to owning your own business.


I wanted to share this concept to help make people aware that there is help out there. When the traditional workforce is overcrowded you can tap into other sources that work.  I currently working in traditional job and on a part-time basis I work for a well establish home based business.  Not all home base company works but I am happy that I found a green company that’s helping the environment and giving me an alternative way to cope with my financial challenges.  My business partners and I hope you at least consider looking into our company. There are no obligations, it might or might not work for you but you owe it to yourself to seek out a better strategic approach to help cope with our economy.


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