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What Is Your Online Skills Inventory?
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What Is Your Online Skills Inventory?

Does html confuse you?

Do your values prevent you from being a spammer, a scammer, and a self-professed online guru?

Do you feel more confused than enlightened with website training?

Many people working online today often wonder why they’re doing it and when will they ever “get it”. If this describes you then you’re not alone…you at least have me.

But here’s a thought: while we may not be the technical expert, some might say “the geek”, we do offer other things that can be just as valuable to others online. So I thought I would do a bit of a skills inventory and talk about some of the other things that are needed to be successful online.

Skills From Work

Most of us currently have, or had, or want a regular job that pays the bills and lets us do those things in life that we enjoy. And there are skills from these jobs that others may benefit from online.

• Word processing and typing – these are valued by others and you may be able to use these to your advantage online by offering yourself to work part-time…virtually!

• Reports – yuck; usually the bane for all who have to write them for those that need them.

• Customer service – whether you’re working behind the counter, in the aisles, or even on the phone, you have skills that can be shared online. For instance, “what to do when a customer gets angry”, or, “tips to keep your diners happy”, or even, “how many deep breaths do you take to remain calm”.

• Public speaking – yes, you can use this online. Think of the preparation you take in order to speak intelligently and logically. These skills are what you need online as well.

• Physical work – this might seem to be a difficult skill to share online but did you know that wearing the right shoes or using proper body mechanics are critical things to be aware of when you are performing physical work? Share your tips, tricks and training with others and teach them to work safely.

Capitalizing On Your Interests

Whether you have hobbies, activities or other interests after work you can take advantage of these skills online as well.

• “How To” – from carpentry to quilting to gardening, people are always looking for new ideas to do things smarter and better. Share your expertise and even walk people through your projects as you’re doing them; they will see that they can do it, too.

• Sports and recreation – from cycling, to running, and to the local baseball team, you can share your favorite activities and progress.

• Adventures on the high seas – whether you’re a world traveler or a local connoisseur of your country, share your joy of travel and adventure.

Dreams From Our Youth

How many of us wanted to be or do certain things when we grew up that never materialized? Whether because of life circumstances or needs we often have to give those dreams up as we move into our adulthood and accept the realities of life. But have you ever gone back, in your thoughts, and wondered “what if”?

• What if I did write that book? Working online is a great way to develop yourself as a writer. Start up a website and write a blog or do a review on different products or scams. This is a great way to refresh the zest for writing and leave a legacy.

• What if I did get a degree? With all the online opportunities and the distance education available today there really is no excuse not to pursue that degree, diploma, or certificate. It’s a great way to advance your career and show others how they can do it, too.

• What if I did become famous? Many of us wanted to be the next big movie or rock star but, realistically, realized early that this likely wouldn’t happen. But now, in our adult years, we also have a different, and realistic, view of what success means and that, while maybe not world-famous, we are “circle-famous”; meaning, with those we are close to and in our circle of influence.

The skills noted above are things that you can use online to be successful. You don’t need to be a computer whiz or know website coding. You do have other skills that can help you become successful and that will benefit other people.

Do a quick self-inventory of these other skills that you have and see if you can incorporate them in your website and with what you write about or promote. I suspect…I know…each one of us has more to offer than we give ourselves credit for.

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