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What It Really Takes To Work From Home!
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What It Really Takes to Work From Home!

The Home Based Business.

Get ready for some hard work. It’s not all fun, and games. First thing you need is to do.

Create your Office. Yes I said Office. This is the space in your home designated to Working.

This is not the couch, with the laptop in front of the T.V. Working from home is actually your job.

once you have that figured out, then you’re truly ready to get to it.

Getting your Space in Place

You need a space in your home that now becomes the Office or Working station.

I know this is not always the case. But if you are serious about a home based business.

You need to get serious about it.

They Will be Distractions for you.

Family, Kids, Pets, the gaming console, T.V., Phone, and most certainly but no way in the least Facebook.

So you need to eliminate these things from that private personal spot you call your Office.

This might just be a corner in the living room or the kitchen table.

I live in a very small suite that is 600 sq. ft.

How did I create my Office space?

First thing is I placed my desk facing outside overlooking the yard.

This makes for having decent natural light, and a small distraction. Keeps my eyes from burning.

But what it really does is keeps everything else out of view.

Sure the T.V. is only 4 feet away but it is not on. Actually it is on for about two minutes.

Just to turn on the Radio station. But then the T.V. is off. I keep the radio volume to a minimum.

Nothing else is on except me, the Computer and the coffee maker. That is it!!

The Space You Create Is Yours!!

So that when you are there. You are working.

There is nothing worse than the cat jumping up while you’re working,

and deleting what you have worked on.

Cats don't generally understand this concept.

I don't condone Violence towards animals, but they do need to know this is your place of work.

The keyboard is not there sleeping pad.

Good old rover might like to join you and lay at your feet.

Which is cool and well a free heating pad for the feet.

But not with wagging tail and dreams of long walks at the local doggy park.

What It Really Takes to Work From Home!!

You have your space, you’re going to need supplies.

  • A computer and a desk. (a good one nothing worse than trying to jot down notes or creating a flow chart )
  • A Good Chair.
  • pens, paper, and notebook
  • Filing cabinet. (For Hard copy Storage)
  • Cork board
  • Filing cabinet. (For Hard copy Storage)
  • Cork board
  • large white board
  • eraser brush, and different colored dry markers.

You'll use these more than you might think.

If you have the room for the whiteboards than you will want two.

One for a daily calendar.

  • The other to create.
  • Flow charts
  • Sales funnels
  • Sales copy ideas.
  • Video presentations

What you use these boards for is totally up to you.

But they'll be used, and a lot.

They make for a fast action result for diagrams and idea’s.

Also for Video presentations if that is part of what you do.

Working from home is the hardest thing in the world.

That is the farthest thing from the truth

Not everybody is the same.

You do need an attitude of Determination,

and persistence to do what needs to be done.

You are Your Brand Right!!

You run a company out of your home. I mean Office right.

You need to set a work Schedule this has to work for you.

Now honestly if you’re working from home and you have family.

Then an 8am start just won't work ever.

You'll be distracted by something or someone. It is inevitable..

You need to figure out what time works best for you, and then commit to that time.

9-5 is the standard.

But that does not in any way mean you need to do that at home.

Although it is a good time.

But this is your dream job right. So you have to make it work for you.

So if you’re a late riser, and the kids are off to school.

Then 10 o'clock start work.

You have to remember this though you are not a slave.

Just because you are your own boss.

Does not mean you don't take breaks or a lunch.

Honestly they are mandatory set a timer even so you don't forget to eat.

This will happen more than you know if you don't.

Time fly’s when you work from home.

It does for some reason. So commit to your Schedule and keep to it.

Seriously Take breaks. Break up your day if you have to go for a walk after lunch,

get some air. Even two minutes outside for a breath of fresh air is the world of difference.

So let’s recap here.

You're Space is your office.

Everyone or thing knows this is your office space.

Seconds you need supplies for your office a computer/laptop.

A good size desk to work at that gives you space to write.

and then switch to the computer.

Office supplies paper, pens, notebook, cork board, white board or boards, dry eraser and markers..

Coffee maker or whatever you drink.

I could list a gazillion more things but really just the basics to start.

You will need a good Chair though.

After an hour you thought the Dining room chair was gonna cut it as an office chair.

Not gonna work get a Chair.

So you’re pretty much set now right.

Well that all depends on you. If you really want to know what it takes it takes.

It is determination and Patience.

You are your own Boss you make the Rules.

You own the truth. Only you can make it happen.

Simple but very easy things you should do.

Every night before you leave your desk.

Write down at least 5 to 10 things.

You want to get done the next day.

That is what the one whiteboard is for daily goals. Or the post it note.

Once you have finished a task put a line through it. Don't erase it.

Just a line will do.

So at the end of the day you can review what you have done.

That’s your own little reward.!!

A little hey you accomplished this, and that thing too.

You have to give yourself credit when credit is due.

Even if all you did was write an article.

little joke there for ya.. Once I finish I will mark it off.

Now look it takes time and effort to work from home.

It is not easy anyone who thinks it's a dream job needs to try it.

You’re the Boss. You make the rules!!

But you need to really work hard at working.

There will always be times when you just don't feel it.

I can put that off till tomorrow. That is the time you have to buckle down,

and just get one small task done.

Good luck to you, and your future.

I wish you all the success.

Street Talk

Nice article for new people. John Internet Business Tool Center

  about 8 years ago

Hello There John T Jones, Ph.D. Thank you for the Comment.. Appreciate it. Added you to those I follow. I look forward to reading your Articles as well.

  about 8 years ago

Hello there Anil ans Mary, Thank you for the Comments. It really comes down to being able to Discipline oneself. Everyone has their own distractions they need to work on.. First thing anyone needs to do is Realize that this is a Business and a Career.

  about 8 years ago

Really good recommendations. Distractions are the main problem when sitting at home on work.

  about 8 years ago

You have made some really good recommendations for the work at home people. We all have to get rid of what might be distracting us from our working at home job. Nice article. Good job.

  about 8 years ago
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