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With Advanced Technology These Days, Even A Novice Can Run An Internet Business From Home
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Did you ever have an idea or product that you thought might sell on the internet, but you have no prior skills or experience at all with anything other than emails and surfing? When I got started a few months ago with looking for some type of business to run on the internet, I knew nothing about internet marketing other than what I had read. And when I got to looking around, other than seeing people make claims of making thousands every day by doing affiliate or internet marketing, I wasn't sure that I would be able to find anything until I went to school or did quite a bit of studying online. I figured that at the very least I would have to learn to send automated emails to customers since I wasn't going to be on the internet 24 hours a day.

I had no idea what an autoresponder or capture page was, what link tracking or link creating was, what conversions were in the context of internet marketing, or even what an affiliate marketer was. I didn't know the first thing about HTML or SEO or hyperlinks. I figured that at least a few of these things were somehow automated so that people could have emails sent out 24 hours a day. I knew that when I signed up for something at 2:00 in the morning, I would instantly receive it via email within seconds, and knew that someone would not stand by 24/7 to answer and ship the product, so there must be some type of technology to automatically send a response. So there you have an autoresponder, a computer program that automatically answers emails sent to it.

The lead capture page is a web page that has the purpose of acquiring your name and email address of the visitor. Most capture pages have an autoresponder set up to immediately send an email out to the visitor. Often times capture pages offer something for free in exchange for allowing future mailings from the one offering the free item, thus providing them with a lead.

Hyperlinks are special areas on a Web page which can be activated with a mouse. Simply put, hyperlinks are the words we usually see in blue on a web page that will take you to another web page or an email address. HTML is a good thing to know about when having an internet business. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language and form the basic building blocks of Web pages. They consist of tags, enclosed in angle brackets within the web page content. Knowing even a little about HTML can help in making sure your web pages are accurate and readable for the viewer.

Most all of the things described I knew nothing about when I decided to receive these and other tools that were offered free from Better Web Builder. I figured I would try something out that offered these things free, to see if I actually could use them with little or no experience. I was amazed to find that the things I knew nothing about were very easy to learn, or like the autoresponders and capture pages, they were already set up to use. I didn't have to set them up, build them, and I could easily change them to fit whatever product or service I decided to sell.

Some other things such as tracking which site provided me a lead, and how many visitors went to a site, and even banners provided to advertise are things that were available with Better Web Builder, stuff that I would have had no idea how to set up or create on my own.

So whether you have plenty of internet skills and experience or you are totally new to it like I was when I tried Better Web Builder, today's advanced technology allows just about anyone that can turn on a computer the chance to start building a business from home. When you hear the term "Business in a Box", there does seem to be truth to that in that some of the things offered by some internet companies are just about as easy as opening up a box and you're ready to start your business.

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