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When contemplating an enterprise of the magnitude we are considering, it is imperative to have a dedicated space. This space should not only be outfitted with all the accoutrement's of a modern day office but should be isolated to encourage great levels of concentration. Comfortable enough for reading volumes, inspiring to dream up brilliant and clever ideas.

Suboptimal locations for this new workspace would be anywhere subjected to high traffic such as the most obvious first choice, the dining room table. It might has well be an altar for all the attention that is cast upon this central location in the typical home. Other choices that are just as dubious would be any location adjacent to the kitchen or your den (family room, living room or whatever name you may use for the location of the main television in your home). A spare bedroom works quite nicely as well as setting up a small office in a basement (if you live in a part of the country that embraces such architectural amenities). The main idea is to have a place to go to focus on the matter at hand.

There will be a lot of work to be done before making the first sale. There are the legal matters of establishing a company by submitting applications for business licenses, sales tax permits and the like. You will need to think about a suitable name for your company and therefore a domain name for your website after you have decided on what it is you plan to offer to the unsuspecting public for a price of course.

Working out the details of your business will more than likely involve a good bit of design work so you will either need to enlist the services of a professional or more likely work the designs out yourself. For this task and many others you will want a suitable computer, my personal choice in the fine line of Apples Macintosh's.

I would also suggest opting for a laptop as opposed to a desktop. What you sacrifice in power and expandability you gain in portability because there will be times when a change of venue will be required. Nothing says you have to sit in the dank little office all of the time. You will also need to consider that you will have occasion to need print, scan and copy the odd material so a multifunction printer would be quite useful at this juncture. Your local office supply or office supply section of the neighborhood megamart can be of significant help in this regard.

No matter where you decide to set up shop in your home, know that if you have designs on claiming tax exemption status you will need to prove the singular purpose of the space used for your commercial venture. The tax hounds do get a bit particular about allowing exemptions for portions of your house for a home office. You see your forebears kind of stretched the definition of a home office, abusing the right so that now we are at the mercy of their greed. Funny old world isn't it.

Also you will want to set up some sort of schedule to focus on your business. Time is of the essence to get everything up and running as soon as possible. Just make sure you know what you are letting yourself into because this is not a venture to be taken lightly. There will also be many false starts, it happens to everyone. Evaluate the risks with a sober mind and a willing heart and stride forward to founding your new multinational corporation (oh you will also want to dream big so as not to be lulled into a sense of complacency but that is for another article, another day).

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