Does Reverbnation Work?
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Does Reverbnation Work?

The answer to that question might depend on who you ask. I am simply going to give a brief overview of this site before sharing my own personal experience using ReverbNation. For those readers who have never heard of it, I’d like to provide a short summary and description of who uses it and of how it works.

According to ReverbNation’s “About Us” page, they service over 3 million music industry professionals. They work with artists, managers, labels, and venues. They have created powerful, easy-to-use technology that allows musicians to promote their music and prosper online. Their wide array of distribution and promotional solutions provide accessible tools and actionable insights helping musicians and industry professionals to reach their goals in an ever more complex world. Operating worldwide with customers from every country around the globe. They receive an enormous amount of traffic with well over a quarter of a million visitors each and month.

I took some time to read the diverse bios on the founder and co-founders of the company. I was quite impressed with their collective background experience and expertise that included a variety of careers. This group is comprised of former veterans of the music industry including technicians, marketing experts as well as talented musicians in their own right. By reviewing the company and it’s mission statement I felt supported as a fellow artist. These are real men who have been through some of the very same situations as their subscribers. They can relate and have created this site to give the whole music community more inter action with each other.

A good friend of mine told me about ReverbNation so I started my own page there almost two years ago. I can tell you how it worked for me over that time frame and offer some advice or tell you a few things I found helpful. I usually tend to be an optimist, so getting a free website to put all my music, photos, videos and bio, was a huge opportunity. You can also hook up all your social networks together. You get a free blog to talk about anything you want such as your latest song release or upcoming event. The world receives instant notification.

I remember when I had to spend lots of money making copies of my original music on cassette tapes and then CD’s . When submitting our material to radio stations, agents, managers or venues we were required to mail out a press kit. This would normally include head shots/photos, bios, lyric sheet and a copy of the actual music. We often waited weeks or months to find out if anyone had received it. Then if you were lucky enough to get a call back, the next step involved setting up a show where club owners or music industry executives could see you play live.

Being set up on ReverbNation we no longer have to spend exhaustive hours hunting down venues or incur the enormous cost of sending out press kits. For a small fee they are now sent out online. If someone is interested in me I can direct them right to my musician website. They can see where I have played in the past, present and future. They can read my music history, find out how I got started and some of my major influences. I put several of the songs I have written there where fans can listen and have access to free downloads. I have had almost a thousand views and this is without much input or really even working the site.

Setting up your own page is very, very simple. Everything is laid out in an easy to use format. The great thing is you can add or edit images and content as you go. For example you may simply be anxious to upload your song and not be in the mood to work on your photos or bio. You can go at your own pace. I personally wanted to add as much content as possible to engage viewers right away. You will get better results if your site looks intriguing and you make it interesting for potential visitors.

I have not found any other group or additional music resources, that provides the same type of free website and innovative tools. You can make your own band website within an hour or spend time uploading photos, videos and upcoming venues. You have the capacity to write a blog that automatically gets posted to all of your social networks at once. For example you can give a shout out to your fans and it instantly gets posted to FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ or any other link you have set up. Instead of making multiple posts you save time by getting your information to everyone in a flash. This is a huge benefit. As a musician I want to be playing music not stuck on the computer.

Once your own musician website is up and running you can really have some fun with it. You can get tips on how to grow your fan base, promote your band and even find gigs within your area. You can post preferences on whether you are seeking to collaborate on projects for recording or performing. This gives fellow music lovers a way to get connected for work, tours or just some good old jammin’.

I use my page so people can find me, hear my music and see what I am all about. I get comments and messages from all over the world. I have two sites, one with Sugarplum the Band and another as, Cynthia Silverman, solo artist. Each performer or group receives a daily ranking. This process takes several factors into consideration. Musicians are ranked locally, nationally and globally. I have been ranked #1 and have gone down to #41 then recently back up to #5. It fluctuates depending on if you promote yourself or not and if you engage with fellow musicians there. All artists are placed within a genre of their choice, that best represents their style. There are other categories such as type of artist, i.e. singer/songwriter, individual or group and so on. Daily stats are posted which enables musicians to view their daily rank, track song plays, downloads, viewers and new fans. This had helped me gauge my target audience, learn about demographics and my fan base.

Honestly there were times when I tried to up my ranking by becoming fans with all of the top artists at ReverbNation. I ultimately decided it was not really that important to me in the overall scheme of things. It was more like bragging rights for the week. It did not help my career or impress anyone. One of the best advantages to being on the web is your availability of networking with professionals and visibility to a worldwide audience.

After the first year I decided to upgrade. I appreciated the fact I was never hounded with any aggressive sales tactics geared towards making me buy more products or tools. You can initially choose to start with the free site as I did and then eventually upgrade or not. They give you several different options. The basic plan requiring no financial investment, the pro plan for $19.95 per month or the max plan billed at a cost of $41.67 monthly. Each package provides different benefits and opportunities. There are many free trial offers that enable you to test out how they may work for you before committing to payments. This was how I started using the press kit. I tried the free offer and immediately saw the value. I believe in being proactive and signed up for it after my 30 day offer had expired.

All businesses need a little capital to get started, so the small monthly fee of $19.95 was an investment I happily agreed to. I don’t know of any other location where you can get your business started, grow your fan base and have support from thousands of musicians worldwide. Once I began using the press kit I submitted my band information to hundreds of opportunities. I was able to be connected to industry producers looking for everything from movie soundtrack material to concert venues. This has been invaluable to me. Every single day there is a list of places where bands are being asked to send their music. The odds are if your songs are good and you keep trying....something wonderful can happen. learn more here at my Reverbnation Review to learn how to sign up.

In closing I would like to say I have had many good comments and feedback from my association with ReverbNation. I got to post all of my latest artwork and posters I made for my band. I started receiving offers to play gigs, got some recognition from agents and was even contacted by a few managers. Two weeks ago I used the press kit to enter a song for the chance of singing in Italy this summer. I found out it had been chosen and was in the running for a Battle of the Bands contest. My original music was chosen to compete in voting that begins on Mon February 3rd through the 17th.

If interested you can hear my song and vote for me, Cynthia Silverman, on my Face Book band profile page or at The Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco Face Book page. They are holding their third annual Hard Rock Rising. I get free promotion on their FaceBook home page and fans get a free download as well. As most artists will tell you this type of publicity is priceless.

Does ReverbNation work? It is just like anything else….if you work will work.

Your motivation and interest is the primary factor. You have a golden opportunity and it is up to each individual what they will make of it. I wish everyone the best and encourage them to try. Remember if you aim for the moon, you might just catch a few stars.

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