The 2015 International Broadcasting Convention In Amsterdam!
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The 2015 International Broadcasting Convention In Amsterdam!

For nearly five decades, the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) has presented the latest and greatest in broadcasting technology. Today, the convention hosts more than 170 countries and over 50,000 media professionals who are dedicated to staying ahead of the crowd.

IBC started as a convention for the technical aspects of broadcasting. However, it has now grown to encompass every aspect of digital media, from creation to delivery. Hosted in Amsterdam every September, this event is known as the most influential convention in the industry. It is being held at the legendary Amsterdam RAI between September 10-15th.

What to Expect at IBC

At the IBC Conference you will find Technical Papers alongside panels, discussions and keynote speakers. The invaluable information offered at IBC has allowed media professionals to thrive in their fields and beat out their competition. There are close to 1,700 exhibitors, each one presenting a new and innovative technology.

IBC is the perfect place to meet leaders in the industry and exchange information with other people in the field. There is a near endless amount of networking opportunities, along with award ceremonies, movie screenings, and other events to help further your media career.

With a digital media market that is rapidly advancing, IBC strives to create original ways to engage and entertain their global audience. Furthermore, the convention is committed to providing an opportunity for the new generation of content and media professionals to get their feet wet in the industry. The Rising Stars program, for instance, delivers state of the art technology and information directly tailored to those just getting started in the field.

IBC: Content Everywhere Event

The wide variety of events at IBC are created by the industry for the industry. Each one is designed so media professionals can achieve continued success. The IBC Content Everywhere event presents the evolving nature of electronic media and looks ahead to the future in order to stay fresh and relevant. At this event, professionals can discuss and debate the latest discoveries and technical aspects of the media business. It also focuses on the creative technological process to inspire individuals in the digital age.

IBC: Features and Events

One of the reasons why IBC has become so popular is because it includes a unique and interconnected features and events. These wide range of elements addressed at IBC are representative of the constantly changing landscape in digital media, broadcasting, and content creation. This approach allows professionals to experience a comprehensive overview of the business.

You can choose to attend demonstrations, presentations, workshops, briefings, and research labs. No matter what your role in the media industry is, IBC offers something for everybody.

The Leaders Summit: This event is for C-level executives only and you must have an invitation in order to attend. This world-class single-day event focuses on developing strategies for future policy.

Award Ceremony: The IBC Awards are in celebration of those who have demonstrated excellence in the field through their creativity and collaboration. During the event, the most stimulating and entertaining content will be showcased and rewarded.

The Big Screen Experience: A free to attend to event that showcases the latest discoveries in digital cinema. Here you can learn how these developments are impacting your business models so you can improve upon them in the future.

IBC Hackfest: A weekend event that demonstrates the best hacked solutions and inventions. A new addition to IBC, this event is hosted in Hall 5 and is sure to delight media innovators.

IBC Drone Zone: Drones have made a huge impact on the technology industry. IBC recognizes this new trend by showcasing what today's Drones are actually capable of. This brand new feature is getting a lot of buzz from Drone enthusiasts all over the world.

IBC Launch Pad: This program is meant to introduce IBC's newest exhibitors to industry leaders and key players. The exhibitors will be presenting the latest and greatest information collected from nearly every corner of the world.

The Business Lounge: The IBC lounge offers a private and quiet area where you can hold important meetings, sit down and relax, and/or use the internet. Also, there are Wi-Fi and photocopy facilities, along with catering services.


SATCOMS Solutions Corporation (SSC) will proudly be attending the IBC 2015 in Amsterdam. As a world-class organization that provides cutting edge technology and solutions in satellite communications, IBC offers the opportunity to meet with and collaborate with other leaders in the field in order to improve performance, communications, and creativity in business.

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