What I Hate About Mlm Today
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What I Hate About Mlm Today

What I hate about MLM is probably the same as everyone else's who didn’t make it big or is not making any great progress in network marketing a.k.a MLM, direct marketing or pyramid schemes.

I may have some shares of successes in the 13-year span as a part-time network marketer, but none of them was a pride. If I were asked to do any of those all over again today, I’d happily pass up.

I don’t hate MLM companies. Some of them are be pretty legit (but many of them are and were obviously scams). Wiki might have listed only 56 MLM companies in its page but there may be thousands of big and small companies worldwide that have come and gone since the 70’s or 60’s.

I myself have had been involved in 6 national and international companies promoting their products, joining conferences, saying testimonies, but I could only wish today that I should have saved my time, effort and money then.

What I Hate About MLM May Be Like Yours

If you hate MLM for whatever reason, then some of the things in my list below could probably eclipse yours (or vice versa). This list may be partial but I guess, it already says a lot. This may not be a big deal for some, but if you can somehow relate to these, then let’s probably let’s do some high 5’s virtually.

1. The Recruitment. This should come first in my “What I Hate About MLM” list. Regardless if it’s a binary or multi-level marketing, I’d initially reach out to friends and relatives. If they’d buy the products, they had either pitied me or just wanted me to get rid of them. Either or, it was NOT a good feeling!

2. The BOM’s (also known as the Business Opportunity Meetings). The BOM’s might have been established for a certain purpose – show my newly recruits the product benefits, some testimonials and the business side (almost always in that order). What I hate about this portion of MLM is the act of inviting a prospect to attend a BOM. It’s not that face-to-face presentations are difficult. It’s just that probably BOMs have been designed to have an environment to trigger one’s emotions from either testimonials or demos. Thus, historically, I’ve done more BOM invitations than presenting in Powerpoint.

3. The System. In MLM, I’d almost always depend on other people, or should I say, my downlines. If I wasn’t able to train or guide them appropriately, then the system would certainly break down the line. In a binary system, you’d be forced to fill in either left or right, depending on who’s weaker. My demotivation level would usually begin that way – especially if I’d end up spending for my would-be downlines (stupid, right?).

4. The Promotion. Since it’s normally a face-to-face or a direct form of marketing, I’ve got to promote what I was into. I would even end up using the brand despite not liking them (like juices or coffees). Thus, I’d end up not walking my talks. Somehow, I’d feel dishonest in so doing.

5. The "Good Mornings". They said that in MLMs, it’s always morning. Thus, the greeting should always be a Good Morning (even if BOM’s are held at 8PM!). I’m not sure how you feel about it, but I just couldn’t bear it. Seemed like too much “out of this world” scenes in BOMs.

That’s my first batch of responses to questions like “What I hate about MLM” or “Why I hate MLMs”. I’ll be shortlisting another 5 in my next piece of the puzzle.

If you’re wondering what’s the best alternative to combat your urge in joining another MLM, I should say it’s within your reach.

...It’s actually affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing isn’t far from multi-level marketing as you’d still be promoting other people’s product/business/community. Thus, the transition is easy. The primary difference though is that you don’t have to go through the above-mentioned reasons – ever!

For much finer details on how to overcome the perception that affiliate marketing is dead or difficult, you can check out my detailed review of the best affiliate marketing community in the planet today.

And if you wish to know more about my MLM experiences, it's here.

See you around...

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