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Build A Garden Shed From Scratch
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Build a garden shed from scratch……who me?? This is often the reaction of the vast majority of people when anyone mentions anything at all to do with garden or home improvements, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In this article we aim to challenge you into believing that ANYONE can do it if only they have the right information and the right incentives, and that includes YOU.

It is so true of life that often we get ourselves in a pickle because, for a variety of reasons, we fail to do sufficient research, assemble the right resources and enlist the right help for the task at hand. You have heard it said before ‘we never plan to fail…..we merely fail to plan’. Nothing could be more true when it comes to home improvements, but even if you are all fingers and thumbs, with the right strategy, the right information and the right incentives you too can become an expert, and you too can build a garden shed from scratch.

OK let’s get down to the nitty gritty. First you need to do the research. What type of garden shed do you want to build? How big do you want it to be? What is the principal purpose for building it? These of course are the obvious questions, but then you need to ask yourself another set of questions such as Where am I going to build it? What kind of foundation will it require? What kind of drainage will it need? Will I need building approval? Once you have all of this information then you are ready to plan the construction.

What materials am I going to use? How do I want my garden shed to look? What about internal fittings? And then we get down to the most important phase, How do I build the foundation? What about the base? How do I construct the frame? What type of roof am I going to use? Questions, questions questions…..can I really do this? Why don’t I just go to the local Garden Center, or Hardware Store and buy one? Well of course you could do that, but you still have to install it, and besides you are going to miss out on one of the richest, rewarding and most fulfilling experiences of your life, not to mention the sizable hole in your bank balance that such a decision will make.

Is there an easy solution? The answer is YES, and a comprehensive guide will give you ALL the answers to ALL the questions you ever needed to know about how to build a garden shed from scratch. You will need a guide that is chock full of hints, tips and videos to turn you into an expert in no time at all.

Imagine all of these incredible benefits. The sound of kids playing in the pool, the smell and sizzle of sausages on the BBQ, the company of your best friends, the taste of a great cheese and a glass of Chardonnay, and then it happens……..” Colin, what a fantastic garden shed, it must have cost you a fortune?” And you ease back into your chair and say…… well actually I built it myself, and we saved a fortune. We put a bit of thought and planning into it and we got EXACTLY what we wanted. Now I can store all of my tools, I have a great workbench area, the kids have a play house, and the dog got a new kennel and all in the one integrated building…….. “ Colin you’re an absolute genius!”

So just to recap…….. Research……..Plan……..Get the critical ‘how to information’……….Build……… Relax …………and bask in the flood of compliments and accolades, and enjoy the sense of pride that wells up inside when you……build a garden shed from scratch.

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