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A Health Foodie Will Always Follow The Source Family News
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A Health Foodie Will Always Follow The Source Family News

Ever heard of pop-up restaurants? To a health foodie it might not sound like a good choice or something you would seek. Pop-up restaurants (or underground restaurants) are temporary restaurants. Operations occur in environments like music or arts and crafts festivals, private homes, old warehouse or factory. Sometimes they are called guestaurants.

The idea (especially for young chefs making their bones) is to experiment with new dishes and get them out to the public to sample. Many times high cuisine items at a very low cost to the customer. This in turn gives the chef direction & confidence in his menu to advance plans for a successful brick-and-mortar restaurant.

The Source Restaurant is Reincarnated!

The Source Restaurant (as you may have read in recent posts) was a health foodie restaurant on Sunset Blvd. in LA during the 1960s and 1970s. Actually, some say that it is the first health food restaurant. They may be right. Whatever the case, it was very, very popular. With regulars of the restaurant being John Lennon, Warren Beatty and Marlon Brando it was a very hip & cool place to be seen, as well.

It is well documented that during its peak years the restaurant would gross $10,000 a day. That was a good thing because it was needed to support the 90+ individuals in "The Source Family" commune in the Hollywood Hills. All followers of Father Yod (the restaurant owner and spiritual leader of the group)

The Source Restaurant is being reincarnated at the Cinefamily Theater as a pop-up restaurant starting May 10 through May 16. It is conveniently making an appearance alongside the opening of "The Source Family" documentary which starts in theaters May 10th.

What's New At The Source Restaurant II

This new pop-up version of The Source Restaurant will offer all the old recipes from the Sunset Boulevard location and preparation is by N.Y. chef Anne Apparu of 18th Restaurant along with an LA cooking group specializing in communal experimental dishes called "Thank You For Coming". Kitchen from Anne Apparu will be May 10-12. "Thank You For Coming" cooks May 13-16th.

The big event began on Thursday at The Standard Hotel with a "premiere party" complete with an homage to the old Source restaurant and a film screening. Festivities would not be complete without a performance by the rock band Ya Ho Wa 13 (which Father Yod sang lead vocal) that will take place May 11.

For a health foodie this paradise - doors open May 10th 5PM-12AM; May 11th 12:30-11:00PM; May 12th 12:45-11:00PM; May 13th -May 16th 6-11:00PM

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