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Benefits Of Shift Work And How To Survive It
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Probably the majority of us who venture into the world of internet marketing in all its forms, affiliate marketing, PLR, Ebay sales, or network marketing all work jobs when we're starting out. Most are in the 9 - 5 realm, or more likely 9 or earlier until when your boss says you can go home.

This may leave little time to spend with friends and family and also pursue your personal goals and dreams.

Some of us like me have the benefit of having a shift work job. That is a rotating schedule of three days on and three days off for two rotations and then I go into two rotations of nights.

The benefit of this is great. I have time during my days off to work on my goals in internet marketing, screenwriting and go to the gym. Plus time to write articles like this and catch up on TV shows I've recorded.

Other benefits include:

  • I can go to the golf course during the week and no one's around and finish my round quickly.
  • I can go skiing in the winter and the slopes are virtually empty. This means shorter lift lines and more runs. I also like to ski fast so I have no worries about running into someone on the way down the hill.
  • I can catch a late movie on cheap night at the theater without having to worry about getting up in the morning.
  • You're always driving the opposite way of heavy traffic. Saves money on gas.

For those of you who don't have this type of schedule and would like to have the freedom first make sure if it will fit your lifestyle. If you have young children running around the house it will be hard to sleep during the day after a night shift.

Also paint your bedroom walls a dark color and have heavy and dark curtains on the window, keeps the sleeping area dark.

After a night shift do the reverse of what you do when you work days. That is watch an hour of TV or read a little but. Have your supper in the morning when you get home and your breakfast in the afternoon when you get up, then your lunch at night.

When making the transition from days to nights the last day off before you head into a night shift stay up late, about 4 in the morning to get into night shift mode.

When you do the transition from night to days on your last night shift that goes into your first day off, don't go to bed until that evening at around 8 or 9. Just don't go driving your car.

Using these methods have helped me. If you're a shift worker try them out and they might help you.

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