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Considering Different Types Of Jobs - - Making Extra Money In This Present Economy
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Considering Different Types Of Jobs  -   -  Making Extra Money In This Present Economy

I've heard some interesting stories regarding people struggling to pay bills and what not in our present day. Perhaps the greatest example I've seen of this was in an online video about people in Las Vegas losing their homes (because of job loss) and ending up living, literally, in the gutters. Even in the town that I presently live in, I've heard of a number of people who have been without work for close to a year. Can you imagine? Maybe you can. Maybe you are a person struggling to find work. On the other hand, maybe you aren't.

In this article I don't claim to be an expert regarding jobs and the finding of them. Nonetheless, I thought it would be good to brainstorm about various kinds of work, ways of making extra money, that are out there.

Traditional Jobs

Traditional jobs are everywhere (though it is exactly this sort that can be hard to acquire!). For example, high school students can find summer work at various fast food restaurants or department stores. Those with college degrees can become "professionals" for some company that hires them. Then there are those who are involved in construction, or any type of manual labor. Basically, when I say "traditional jobs," I am referring to the 9am-5pm job, whatever that work may be. This type of work is out there; it's everywhere. But again, it's exactly these kind of jobs that some have found hard to keep, let alone find.

Online Work (nontraditional)

In addition to the 9-5 job, there's nontraditional work that can be found online. For example, filling out online surveys is a way to make extra money (even if it only be a little). Internet marketing is also a non-traditional, online job opportunity. Sure it requires work (i.e. learning how to do it and furthermore, implement it), but once you have your online marketing established, it can become somewhat of a passive income. Furthermore, by searching online you can find websites that discuss online job opportunities such as workathomenoscams (.com) and a number of other websites dedicated to providing you with information on work at home job opportunities.

This and That (oddball jobs--more nontraditional stuff)

On certain nontraditional work websites, multiple streams of income is encouraged. By multiple streams I mean having a number of jobs that all contribute to your monthly income. For example, having a garage sale is one form of making money (no matter how small or large it is). Selling things (that you no longer need) on eBay is another way to make some extra cash, or you can also become a mystery shopper, for example. Having a number of "oddball" jobs can bring in multiple streams of income, and having a number of streams can add up.

If You Consider the Nontraditional, Be Watchful

What I've shared above, particularly regarding the traditional work, is likely common knowledge. However, it is possible that some have never heard of, nor considered, any form of nontraditional work. Thus, I mention this kind of labor. Nontraditional careers are perhaps something to consider for those who can't find, or maintain, the 9-5 job. But I must say, if you consider this kind of money making opportunity, just be sure to do your research. Be sure that the company(ies) is legitimate (see if the company is rated with the Better Business Bureau, for example).


There's lots of work out there. However, the trouble is in acquiring it and keeping it. For those struggling to find a 9am-5pm traditional job, perhaps considering online work, or nontraditional work, is necessary. However, if you go this route in making extra money, my only caution to you is that you do your research--to make sure that you aren't taken advantage of in any way, for that is the last thing you need! Nonetheless, know this, there are legitimate, nontraditional jobs out there.

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