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Earthquake Survival And How To Prepare For Disasters
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Earthquake survival is a big concern on everyone's mind right now, along with how to survive a tsunami or what to do about nuclear radiation.

And with everything that has been happening in the world today, it is no small wonder.

However, there are a few simple ways in which one can be prepared for at least a 72 hour period, which is what many survivalists recommend, by the way.

They recommend having at least a 72 hour survival kit on hand, or close by, that can be grabbed at a moment's notice, which has all your basic survival items included for whatever the cause may be, whether that may be for earthquake survival or to have with you in hurricane season, or for some folks, it can simply be for any family emergencies that could crop up in a hurry.

Start with a basic bug out bag.

Have one bag for each person in your family, and PREFERABLY one for the car PLUS one that you keep at home. You never know when an emergency strikes and you will need that bugout gear.

A few things you will want to remember as you build (or even if you to purchase) a 72 hour survival kit.

  • Good strong bag - it will need to withstand being tossed around in the trunk of your car!
  • Have a good first aid kit
  • Food ... add a few 3600 calorie food bars. The more calories the better.
  • Radio and flashlight - and extra batteries
  • Something for shelter , heat and warmth - a good space blanket is great and a lightweight tent. Add a flint or something similar to start a fire with.
  • List of emergency numbers
  • Any important information, such as family history, etc - this is not a nice subject, but should someone find one of your kids somewhere, you will VERY glad if they can contact you!
  • Which reminds me - MAKE SURE EVERYONE HAS A COMMON MEETING POINT OR POINT OF CONTACT where you will meet in the event you get scattered.

Add to your earthquake survival kit ( or whatever your kit is for) as you think of things.

These items will be different for everybody and it will also vary on the the time of year you are preparing for.

You might need to add shoes or boots for rugged terrain if you plan to be afoot for a few days.

Or it may call for means of protection if you plan to survive in the city for awhile.

It can all vary but the important thing is that you have at least a 72 hour survival plan to be able to survive an earthquake , hurricane , tsunami, nuclear attack or whatever.

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