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Felons, Family, And Friends Strives To Unite Felons And Organizations The Support Felons
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Felons, Family, And Friends Strives to Unite Felons And Organizations The Support Felons

Non-profit Felons, Family, and Friends Launches Membership Drive in 2013!

Who They Are

They assist and advocate for felons and their dependents. They ask organizations that help felons to check out their non-profit and they are striving to provide a national back-support network for such organizations. There are so many folks doing amazing things to help felons in many different ways. These organizations dot America and are, for the time being, isolated from one another geographically and are very hard to find in many cases; each fighting the good fight in its own backyard.

Their Goal

Their goal is to join these organizations and each of the roughly 25 million felons in America under one common network. Rather than duplicating efforts they are building a community that can communicate causes, goals and missions amongst one another. Imagine if when each organization for felons had a cause or proposed a social reform, such as Felons4Life walking on D.C. next May, all the voices of all the felons in America and their organizations could easily join together to support them. Please encourage felons and their family and friends in your area to add their voices with millions of their peers.

Why They Are Felons, Family, and Friends

In this way they strive to create a common banner and membership that is open to non-felons, felons, their family, and their friends. When someone joins their non-profit they ask that they speak with their family and friends to find one of each who will also join. This way their membership shows support in the non-felon community and lends strength to their message. At this time their non-felon members outnumber their felons by more than 4 to 1.

If they can maintain this support ratio, and only half the 25 million felons in the U.S. join, they will have more than 50 million individual members and the organizations that offer support services to them. Wow! They will have the largest membership of any organization in the country. Currently the AARP is the largest with 40 million members. Felons and their dependents outnumber retired persons by a significant number, why shouldn't they have a similar organization to lend strength to their causes and conviction?

The Circumstances They Need To Succeed Are Already In Place

Right now, if each of the 25 million felons were sitting with one friend and one family member, their combined numbers would exceed 75 million. And the thing is, every day felons do just that...they sit and commune with loved ones, friends, dependents, and even their in-laws, so they don't need anything that isn't already happening to occur for their mission to succeed. All those people are already in the sphere of influence of, and negatively impacted by, the limitations placed on felons. They simply need them to participate. And they need organizations that help felons to participate as well.

We All Benefit From a National Network

If felons' local voices are strong, and their regional voices are stronger yet, imagine all their voices and organizational energies under one banner, speaking out for themselves and each other when the need arises... Felons, Family, and Friends saw all the folks doing great work around the nation and realized that to duplicate efforts is a waste of valuable energy...what they all really need is unification and solidarity.

Join Your Voice to Theirs...What Do We Have To Lose By Networking?

Felons, Family, and Friends wants people to help them reach the 75 million people that their name represents! Together we can do so much more.

Thank you for all you do to help felons and their dependents.

Street Talk

Very interesting group. I can see that they could do a great deal of good.

  about 9 years ago

I agree. All hard-working men and women desreve the opportinity to prosper and support those they love. Cheers!

  about 9 years ago
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