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Fire At Pompey Museum
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On Friday 2nd DeCember 2011,at about 3:00am fire destroyed the Pompey Museum which housed the national treasure of the Bahamas.This is the second fire since it's establishment in 1992.The Pompey Museum was originally called the Bourse during the mid 1700 and later called Vendue House in 1784.During that period the building was a place to sell produce and slaves.

According to the fire services,the fire started at the site of the old straw market,which fire destroyed a decade ago,and progressed to the Pompey museum. At about 5:am the Fire Service had the fire under control.However their was extensive damage to the museum and a number of building nearby.The experience gained in fighting the straw market a decade ago,is one reason the fire was not able to destroy more buildings.The installation of fire hydrants on Bay Street,reduced time used in locating a hydrants elsewhere,and with the help from other fire services, despite the windy condition,the fire service were able to control the outcome.

The fire destroyed many of the artifacts,but some of the antique books,and work of Bahamian artist Amos Ferguson on the second floor of the building were saved.The roof and the interior of the building was extensively damaged.Along with the museum the historic St. Cuthbert's Church was destroyed.These two building have stood for over a hundred years in the heart of Nassau.Their destruction have created a terrible blow to the history of the Bahamian Culture.

In the early 20th century,Telegraph and Telephone Department,and later the Bahamas Electricity Corporation used Vendue House. In 1992,it became a public museum and named for Pompey a slave.He was responsible for raising a slave revolt in Exuma Bahamas ,at the Plantation of Lord Rolle,because of unfair conditions.

Before the fire,the museum was the pride and joy of the Bahamian people,it displayed the culture and aspiration of Bahamas. It displayed the art and craft and the history of slavery in the Bahamas.The Pompey Museum was a place where students came study the slave trade,emancipation,the government,imports and Exports of the Bahamas.The Museum played a major part in showcasing our developement.Tourist can explore and visualize the growth of Bahamas through pictures of Nassau Bahamas in the 1800.

The Government of the Bahamas have stated that the Pompey Museum along with the artifacts will be reproduced.The rebuilding process of the museum have already began,construction workers could be seen removing burnt material that was once the museum.Once the construction is finished, there will be a new open space garden created near the area of the museum.

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