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I Am Sadden By The Selfishness Of Many Americans In This Country
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For reasons beyond my comprehension, many folks in this country have a propensity to act and vote against their own interest. Data has clearly shown that we are rapidly evolving into two classes of people in this country. The rich and the poor. In my opinion, when someone takes a stand against their own interest, it is an attempt to ensure someone else is deprived of the ability to progress. That inability to progress, also includes them. This article is not about being a republican or being a democrat, but rather, about being a good American.

At the height of the Viet Nam war, I was drafted into the military along with many others in this country. When all the rookies assembled, we all had our personal biases and prejudices against each other. The mission of the military was to train us to become a unified team. Although many among us maintained their biases, one thing was made perfectly clear, whether we liked each other or not, we were each other’s survival kit. If we failed to protect each other, the mission would surely fail.

Think of America as being a football team. If the team fails to act as a cohesive unit, the team will fail. On the football team, you would not expect the offensive guard to have the same amount of speed and agility as the running back. Each member must play his part, and if the team is unified, they have a good chance to win the game. Likewise, in America, we don’t operate with the same speed and intellect. Some are smart, some are dumb, and some are in-between. With that being the case, we cannot lose sight of the mission, which is, to remain the number one team in the world.

It appears that in today’s society, that basic principle has been abandoned. It is all about me, and then, me again. We fail to realize that we are all aboard the same ship, and if the rear goes under, so will the front. It wouldn't matter if you were young or old.

Just the other day, I heard a man who was confined to a wheel chair utter the words, he was tired of carrying all the people on welfare, food stamps, and all the other so-called poor in this society. Let me assure you, I have nothing against the physically challenged. His words just took me back to the time I, and many others were drafted to fight in the Viet Nam war. Being only human, my mind reflected on that fact, and concluded, if it became necessary to go to war, he would most likely be excluded due to his physical condition. Meaning, some Americans would have to risk their lives, and some would even die so he could be so-called carried.

I have never heard a war veteran utter the words, tired of carrying some of the cowards among us (there I go, talking about unity and using abusive words) who are incapable or so fearful, that they wouldn't come to the aid of our country during a time of need.

In regard to welfare, you will find in many families, whether they are rich or poor, a person who is lazy and has no intentions of being productive. Do you destroy the whole family to make a point, or is it more practical to just help the person and move on. Our society is no different; you will have those among us who are lazy, etc. Is it practical to destroy the whole country to prove a point? If you are gainfully employed and doing okay just be thankful and stop worrying about the deadbeats.

Deadbeats will always be around, as such, we cannot allow them to bring us down. While serving in the military, some soldiers couldn't withstand the rigor of training and had to be discharged. That didn't make them less of an American. The point is, we all have our shortcomings, and those among us who are able to carry the touch for our country, should do so, and not worry about those who can’t or want.

This country has become so stigmatized by the all mighty dollar, that we no longer have the ability to show compassion toward each other. I heard these words someplace; a house divided against itself cannot and will not stand. Ask the Roman Empire about that.

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your points are great and you write so very well to get there...htank you for writing

  about 1 decade ago
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