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London Riots 2011 Cripple The British Security Forces
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London Riots 2011 Cripple The British Security Forces

As widespread riots have hit the city of London, copycat vandalism spreads to other cities. At this point almost every corner of London is seeing carnage breakout for the 3rd day running.

Kicking off on Saturday August 6th after the police shooting of Mark Duggan. Suspected of being involved in organized gun crime, saw an exchange of gunfire, resulting in Marks death.

The family then had to wait 5 hours at Tottenham police station to be updated on any news. During that time, a crowd of over 300 youths had gathered in protest of the shooting.

Social media has played a key role in the events that unfolded since.

With the violence that broke out on Saturday night, the London riots are in now in their 3rd day and more carnage is expected.

It's already seen riot police take to the streets of London to make an attempt at bringing things under control.

The London riots are no longer about the police shooting. This has fast become an excuse for masses of youths to take to the streets causing widespread mayhem. The majority of whom probably don't even know how things started.

Trouble has also spread to other cities in the UK including Birmingham and Liverpool, seeing violent outburst, cars being torched and highstreet shops looted.

The government are being partly to blame after massive spending cuts across the country, seeing closures of many of the youth clubs teenagers relied on.

Of course, that is no excuse for the behaviour of our countries youths. As much as people say boredom is behind a lot of the carnage, there still has to be responsibility taken. Both by the youths involved and the parents.

Home Secretary: Ms May Cut announced earlier today that all options had been taken into consideration to bring order back to the streets of London. Riots will not be met with force. The army was considered as well as using water cannons for any further disruption.

Instead the government prefers to use what they like to call “Policing By Consent”.

In effect, it relies heavily on the support of local communities as well as a call to parents to be aware of their childrens movements.

With all the resources available to bring public order to the streets of Britain and help prevent the loss of jobs, closure of businesses as they are set alight, trashed and vandalised to the point of closure, that seems to be the response of our British government.

OAPs lying in hospital with severe head injuries and that doesn't call fall for force to be met with force.

Another aspect in discussion is the part that social media has played in the London riots. Mainly the BlackBerry Messanger.

Or BBM as it's called for short.

While other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter can and have been used in the past to organize criminal events, it's become common knowledge that the chat is monitored for any criminal activity from football hooligans to protests.

The BlackBerry Messenger seems to be the tool of choice for this mass control of public disorder. Allowing youths to message between private groups of friends without making the information public. Away from the prying eyes of police watchdogs monitoring chatter.

It is believed that police will be seeking information be released from the BlackBerry network in order to bring justice to the youths involved. Whether that is possible we will have to wait and see.

A source from Blackberry has issued a statement regarding their “shadow social network”.

Confirming that they “will comply with the The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and co-operate fully with the Home Office and UK police forces”.

Also it will be interesting to see how the massive mobile phone corporation take their role in the social culture and how they deal with their messaging system being able to manipulated in this way and if they roll out any security measures as a way of playing their part in social responsibility.

They have stated in a recent “tweet” that the network won't be getting shut down due to the London Riots. This came as rumours were spreading like Chinese whispers in social media sites that the network was set to go off line between 7am and 6pm.

The network will still be available. As stated above it will be monitored for further developments to assist authorities with the London riots.

As news unfolds it's now revealing there's trouble within the police force itself. Seeing 2 resignations from senior officers, including commissioner of the Met police resigning in the middle of this crisis.

While military intervention was considered during an emergency C.O.B.R.A meeting, it's been made clear the numbers aren't there. For authorities to regain control across the entire city of London it was clear from last nights events that 6000 officers were not sufficient to take control.

As the London riots continue, officers are being drafted in from across the country to more than double that number for a total of 16000 officers policing the streets over the next 24 hours.

Tactics are still being discussed and revised but this could see the British Riot Police using plastic rams and force for the first time, in a last bid to regain control of the city of the London.

The latest news as the London riots continue to unfold is now showing that England Vs. Holland friendly, scheduled for Wednesday, has now been postponed.

With the Metropolitan Police Force stretched to capacity, no military assistance being brought in to assist... they have no way they can allow a mass congregation for any events into the city of London. Riots are continuing and police are struggling to maintain order. All events are now being cancelled as police do not have the resources available.

All this after a coalition government called for mass cuts across the public sector. Seeing thousands of police officers out of jobs.

In the meantime, the Met Police are due to issue a statement to local businesses with advice on how to deal with the London riots and are thought to be advising the businesses remain closed until further notice.

Other areas affected by the London riots are starting the bid to clean their communities up themselves.

Facebook groups and Twitter groups are already being formed by members of the community in a bid to start the massive clean up process that lies ahead after the carnage to spread across every corner of London, even seeing the famous West End come under attack.

What's your thoughts on the London Riots?

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