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Schwarzenegger Admits To Affair With Household Staffer Mildred Baena, Reveals Forteen Year Old Child
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Schwarzenegger Admits to Affair With Household Staffer Mildred Baena, Reveals Forteen Year Old Child

It has been about a week since Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that they were in the process of ending their 25 year marriage and that the split was entirely on good terms. Both parties were remarkably close -mouthed about the exact cause but it has now been revealed and confirmed that infidelity did play at least a partial role in the ending of the marriage made in “Republican heaven”.

Back in 2003, when Arnold was running for Governor of California, there were allegations of sexual misconduct made by more than a dozen women with stories of bad behavior that spanned three decades. Ms. Shriver, on the campaign trail with her hubby denounced the women and told audiences at a number of speaking engagements that they could believe a bunch of women who briefly met her husband or they could believe her.

But, after leaving that office in January, Schwarzenegger did admit to an affair with a household staffer that resulted in a child some ten years ago. That staffer continued to work with the couple, retiring after twenty years of service and reports having left on “good terms”. Support for that child has been provided by Schwarzenegger since his birth.

The Schwarzenegger’s four children were told of their half sibling by their mother so that they would be prepared when the news broke in the media. Both Patrick, age 17 and oldest daughter, Katherine, age 21, expressed their feelings via their Twitter accounts, with both asking for some sensitivity and compassion and expressing their thanks for the continued support from family and friends.

Some close associates of Schwarzenegger admitted that they were not surprised by this announcement and stressed that no one else should have been either. Other news sites, some less than respectable, are suggesting that affairs throughout the 25 year marriage were common place with one such site claiming to have photos of where these affairs could have occurred.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver met in 1977 during a charity tennis tournament. The pair were introduced by Tom Brokaw but were not married until 1986. Schwarzenegger was the Governor of California for seven years; Shriver gave up her career as an on air, TV journalist to help her husband’s campaign.

Maria Shriver had already moved out of the couple’s home before they announced their split but sources say that they had been living separate lives for long before that news. Schwarzenegger may try to make his comeback in Hollywood, but what kind of role, director or actor or both, he will seek is still a mystery.A number of rumored roles have been suggested, but none confirmed.

Shriver’s written statement called for continued privacy and discretion as well as calling the news part of a “painful and heart breaking time”.

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